NATO 2018: Body language expert reveals what Trump's hand gesture at May REALLY means

Donald Trump and Theresa May were pictured together at the NATO summit in Brussels this afternoon. The President of the United States, Donald Trump, posed for pictures with the UK Prime Minister, the pair both looking formal in the snaps. While it all looked cordial from the outside, the unspoken body language has been decoded […]

Meghan Markle body language – Duchess of Sussex attempts move ‘only Kate’ can pull off

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, 33, attended a Commonwealth Youth event last week. The Duchess of Sussex was also with the Queen at the event. Meghan Markle wore a pink Prada dress at the Buckingham Palace reception.  She was criticised by some for crossing her legs in an official photograph with the Queen taken on […]

Dementia warning – are you ‘skinny fat’? How your body shape reveals Alzheimer’s risk

DEMENTIA risk could be lowered by making diet or exercise changes. Your body shape could reveal your risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. Being “skinny fat” could increase your chances of the brain condition – what does it mean to be skinny fat?

UK plan to turn OPCW into politicized quasi-prosecutorial body will undermine intl security – Russia

Moscow strongly opposes the UK’s attempts to give chemical watchdog OPCW authority to pin the blame in chemical attack probes, as it may turn the body into a political tool and undermine the entire international security system. An ongoing special conference of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in The Hague was […]

Dead body found in the home of Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins

Frank Franklin II/AP A dead body was reportedly found in the home of New York Giants cornerback Janoris Jenkins. Jenkins was reportedly in Florida at the time the body was found but had family staying at his house. According to a report, police have opened a homicide investigation. Police have opened up a homicide investigation […]

Melania Trump ‘risks upstaging her husband at last’ after public hiatus body language says

Melania Trump’s choice of jacket caused a stir yesterday. The former-model from Slovenia wore a jacket that said ‘I really don’t care do u?” [sic] to visit child migrants. This was interpreted by many as a badly judged sartorial decision. Professional body language expert Judi James told how she interprets Melania’s body language after […]