Antiques Roadshow: ‘Goodness gracious’ Man blown away by £1m item in epic valuation reveal

Tonight’s edition of Antiques Roadshow was taking place at the Black Country Museum in the West Midlands, and was hosted by presenter Fiona Bruce. While there were a number of surprises along the way, as the public came out in their droves to share antiques and vintage treasures hidden in their homes. But the most […]

Intel’s SGX blown wide open by, you guessed it, a speculative execution attack

Foreshadow explained in a video. Another day, another speculative execution-based attack. Data protected by Intel’s SGX—data that’s meant to be protected even from a malicious or hacked kernel—can be read by an attacker thanks to leaks enabled by speculative execution. Since publication of the Spectre and Meltdown attacks in January this year, security researchers have […]

An unexploded WWII bomb that shut a London airport is being dragged out to sea to be blown up by the Royal Navy

Ministry of Defence/Business Insider A World War II bomb was found near the runway of London City Airport on Sunday. The airport shut on Sunday and Monday, with hundreds of flights cancelled. The British Royal Navy dragged the bomb down the Thames overnight and plans to detonate it in the middle of the sea on […]

Ford issues service recall to fix blown Focus RS head gaskets

Ford is owning up to issues involving faulty head gaskets in the 2.3-liter EcoBoost inline four-cylinder engines found in 2016 and 2017 Focus RS models and is offering to replace them free of charge. Complaints about the issue have raged for almost a year on a Focus RS online forum and for months on Reddit. […]

We drove a $90,000 Mercedes E400 Coupé and were completely blown away

Mercedes-Benz The E400 is a beautifully composed luxury two-door. It isn’t cheap, but it’s mostly worth it. This is a premium coupé for discerning students of the genre. Here’s the biggest problem with Mercedes-Benz: we take it for granted. It’s the Rolex of cars. If you just can’t make up your mind about which luxury […]

‘Mad dog’ Trump flyers ‘blown in’ from N. Korea found in Seoul (PHOTOS)

Published time: 16 Oct, 2017 15:46 Anti-Trump propaganda leaflets have been found strewn across the South Korean capital, including near the presidential residence. Reportedly blown in from North Korea, the colorful flyers depict the US leader as “a mad dog,” and wish gruesome death to the “old lunatic.” One of the flyers depicts Donald Trump […]

Celebrity MasterChef fans in SHOCK as they find out Vic Reeves' REAL NAME: ‘Blown my mind’

As the BBC hit show returned for another series with a new batch of stars, many fans were gobsmacked when they learned Vic’s name isn’t actually what they thought it was. During the cooking competition, it was revealed the 58-year-old’s real name is actually James Roderick Moir. Confusion amongst viewers began to grow when the […]

Penny Lancaster: 'Show sickening Manchester attack trolls videos of people being blown up'

The 46-year-old Loose Women star hit out at social media users who used the attack to boost their following, taking pictures from online of people not involved in the incident, including images of children, and sharing them alongside captions saying that they were missing family members after the bombing. The ITV panel all seemed to […]

Watch as WWII-era bomb is blown up along modern British highway

A lot of stories I write around here combine many of my favorite things into one glorious bit of copy, but none so perfectly as this one. It comes out of the UK and involves WWII history, ordnance disposal, army engineers, and big explosions. Unexploded ordinance from the war is still commonly discovered in England, […]