Bad news for the 1,000mph car as Bloodhound SSC is shut down

Artist’s rendering of a rocket car screaming across the desert. (credit: Bloodhound SSC) Sad news, everyone. Bloodhound SSC, the British project to shatter the land speed record, is dead. Breaking the 1,000mph barrier with a ground vehicle is neither an easy feat nor a cheap one, and it was the funding side of things that […]

Bloodhound SSC: How do you build a car capable of 1,000mph?

(credit: Bloodhound SSC) Update: It’s Thanksgiving weekend in the US, so many Ars staffers are working through leftovers instead of to-do lists. And with the recent news that one of the most interesting land-speed engineering projects around is experiencing funding issues (just a year after it finally ran a test and hit 210mph), we’re resurfacing […]

1000 mph Bloodhound SSC totally deserves this Lego model

Much like speed record attempts, there have been earlier Lego Ideas tryouts for the Bloodhound SSC Land Speed Record Car. And the most recent one is really quite good – good enough to gain backing and boost from the Bloodhound SSC team itself. The excellent @LEGO_Group#BLOODHOUND model is gathering support. Please register and vote for […]

Bloodhound Sings! Brits Still Pursuing 1000-MPH Record Attempt

– The history of British motorsport is well stocked with underdog stories, most famously those of the “garagista” upstarts who conquered Formula 1 in the 1960s and ’70s before remaking the sport in their own image. But the attempt of a small group of engineers based in Bristol to break the world land speed record—and take […]

Bloodhound SSC finally runs, breaks 210mph in first runway test

Bloodhound SSC On Tuesday, what might well be the world’s fastest-ever car completed its first public test at a runway in Newquay, England. Bloodhound SSC is designed to shatter the existing land speed record, aiming for a top speed of over 1,000 mph (1,600km/h). Achieving that goal will require more space than is possible on […]

Bloodhound preps for land speed record with 200MPH test run

It’s finally happened. Nine years after the Bloodhound project was first announced in London, the supersonic car has completed its first test runs. At a closed-off airstrip near Newquay airport, Cornwall, the monstrous vehicle roared across the tarmac at close to 200 MPH. That figure is a long way off the team’s ultimate goal of […]