Here’s How ICOs Are Growing Up

Article was originally published at CoinCentral. ICO. Three little letters. A lot of implications (and not all good ones). In fact, a lot of our associations with ICOs these days are negative. Scams, hacks, interesting ideas that don’t make it to the first line of code. The blockchain is responsible for some incredible discoveries, but […]

Why Blockchain Technology Will Be Essential to the Trust Economy

Article was originally published at CoinCentral. Blockchain technology provides us with the ability to operate a decentralized economic sector that utilizes a Peer-to-Peer protocol that is both more secure and efficient than the current global economic structure.  The immutable and unalterable nature of this revolutionary technology makes it perfectly suited for economic use in these digital […]

The Potential Disruption Of Blockchain [INFOGRAPHIC]

The disruption of blockchain is currently only at the very early stages. In the coming years it is likely that a huge range of industries will be disrupted by this relatively new and innovative technology. In general, emerging technologies can be exciting, they open the door to a huge range of possibilities across the globe. […]

Blockchain startup Game Loot Network proposes another alternative app store

Blockchain and cryptocurrencies have potential to upset the status quo in games, and so, yet another startup, Game Loot Network, is proposing to use the technologies to create an alternative app store and player rewards program. Rivals, such as Brian Fargo’s Robot Cache and Game Credits, have proposed something similar, and so, it’s a r…Read More

Why 2FA Matters & the Best Types of 2FA

This article by Bennett Garner was originally published at Why 2FA? 2FA stands for two-factor authentication, and it has quickly become a new cybersecurity standard across much of the internet, including cryptocurrency. In the early days of the internet, we relied on the humble password to protect our accounts. Over the years, however, it […]

Samsung may use blockchain for its global shipping system

Samsung is considering shifting to a blockchain-based system to keep track of its product shipments around the world. According to Bloomberg, the head of blockchain at the company, Song Kwang-woo, said that it could slash shipping costs to the tune of 20 percent. Blockchain is the technology behind cryptocurrencies, but the ledger system can have […]

Austin test uses blockchain to improve ID for the homeless

Many people take identification for granted, but it’s a serious challenge if you’re homeless. If you lose what’s on your back, you might lose everything — and recovering that ID is much harder when you have no fixed address or easy transportation to government offices. Austin might have a technological solution. The Texas city is […]

3 Key Business Benefits of Blockchain

Article was originally pubished at CoinCentral. The increasing popularity of blockchain and cryptocurrency is bringing a lot of opportunities to the business world. Not everyone can create a top five cryptocurrency project or exchange platform. However, there are still all sorts of other business benefits of blockchain and the industry surrounding it. Social media, smart […]

Brian Fargo would like his Robot Cache to ‘be the Steam of blockchain games’

Brian Fargo is the founder of Interplay Entertainment, a studio known for role-playing games like Wasteland and The Bard’s Tale, and InXile Entertainment (Wasteland 2 and Torment: Tides of Numenera). Now his new company, Robot Cache, wants to use blockchain to change the way people own digital games. Speaking today at our GamesBeat Summit 201…Read […]