Blockchain won’t make internet voting easier or safer — it could just make it worse

Jessica McGowan/Getty Images Looking to making voting practices more convenient, increase voter turnout, and modernize practices, many government officials and companies are looking to blockchain to help.  Blockchain systems have created new ways for people to invest, send money, and may help store records that make credentials, land ownership, and food origins more transparent and […]

Bartering Issues Solved By Blockchain

Article was originally published at MintDice. While cryptocurrency is currently the center of the hype in the finance sector, most big industry players are gravitating towards its underlying technology: blockchain. Several top-tier executives like Warren Buffett have been pushing the “Blockchain not Bitcoin” mantra which other’s have adopted. Such executives believe that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are […]

Top Blockchain Applications Making Waves in Commercial Real Estate

This article first appeared on RealAtom.   The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is comprised of many different types of service providers, including property management, brokerage firms, banks, and other types of lenders. When a CRE transaction takes place, there are various operators involved, requiring extensive sharing of official property documents, and financial information which […]

Bitcoin & Blockchain Technology

Bitcoin is a digital currency that was launched in 2009, with the intention carrying out effective online transaction by bypassing the control of any central authority like banks or government thus making it a decentralized asset. This cryptocurrency is stored in a peer to peer network known as a blockchain than being stored in a […]

Cointopia raises $3 million for marketplace for blockchain companies and services

EXCLUSIVE: Cointopia announced it has raised $ 3 million and is opening its marketplace connecting blockchain companies with top-tier service providers. That means that if you’re starting a blockchain startup or are a big company looking for blockchain services, the Cointopia Marketplace is there for you. The San Francisco company said it will…Read More

Could ‘community apps’ built on blockchain solve Facebook’s existential crisis?

GUEST: “We came here for the friends.” In the face of a reputation crisis, Facebook is investing heavily in a nationwide advertising campaign to remind us that it is a community first, a business second. The campaign has gone so far as to recognize that spam, clickbait, fake news, data misuse, and political scandal have […]

What advertisers need to know about blockchain now

GUEST: The advertising industry faces many challenges — from fraud and lack of transparency to antiquated payment models. But blockchain technology will soon solve these challenges, rewriting the future of adtech. There are already — and will definitely continue to be — multiple blockchains to serve the advertising industry. Diffe…Read More

High Times to Accept Crypto in Upcoming IPO

Article was originally published on CoinCentral. High Times is high on crypto. The magazine famous for promoting counterculture and the legalization of marijuana is set to become the first company to accept Bitcoin and Ethereum in it’s upcoming IPO. CEO of High Times, Adam Levine, says the initiative will broaden the pool of potential investors. “High Times has been at the […]