When to Buy Bitcoin: A Guide to Stacking Satoshis

Article was originally published on CoinCentral by David Hamilton. Gaining a better understanding of when to buy Bitcoin can help you take your investment strategy to the next level. It has been an interesting year for Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market. The crypto market shed the majority of its 2017 gains this year as […]

Bitcoin And Blockchain Technology – A Guide For Newcomers

What is Bitcoin? What is Blockchain? How does Bitcoin work? If you search for answers to these questions, this article is just right for you as we will explain the basic concepts behind these two technological achievements. People from Bitcoinfy decided to clear some misunderstanding so you should also check the infographic below that’ll further settle […]

HashFlare Review | Cloud Mining Takes Another Reputation Hit

Article was originally published at CoinCentral by Ryan Smith. The popular cloud mining service HashFlare announced earlier this year that it had suspended services to its Bitcoin contract customers. In a July statement via Facebook the company noted the ongoing issues with SHA-256 contracts: “For over a month our users encountered a situation when the payouts were lower […]

Stock exchanges find novel uses for blockchain

BLOCKCHAIN, THE technology underlying bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, was designed with an ideological aim: to sidestep central authorities and governments. But many people have become intrigued by its practical uses, such as updating back-office processes. And few institutions have shown more interest in such applications than financial exchanges. Although stock trades are often made in […]

Blockchain company buys asteroid mining firm Planetary Resources

Planetary Resources just took an unusual turn on its path to asteroic mining. ConsenSys, a blockchain company created by Ethereum co-founder Joe Lubin, has bought Planetary Resources for an unspecified sum. It sounds supremely trendy given the combination of blockchain and private spaceflight, but it’sa logical fit if you ask Planetary Resources’ Brian Israel. Blockchain-based […]

Sony & Disney-Backed Littlstar Launches Blockchain Platform Ara Blocks

Article was originally published on CoinCentral. Ara Blocks is founded on the principle that today’s current content landscape is centralized and poorly managed by large corporations that don’t have the best interests of artists, creators, and consumers in mind. Ara claims its mission is to provide creators, businesses, and consumers with an alternative option through its […]

Blockchain won’t make internet voting easier or safer — it could just make it worse

Jessica McGowan/Getty Images Looking to making voting practices more convenient, increase voter turnout, and modernize practices, many government officials and companies are looking to blockchain to help.  Blockchain systems have created new ways for people to invest, send money, and may help store records that make credentials, land ownership, and food origins more transparent and […]

Bartering Issues Solved By Blockchain

Article was originally published at MintDice. While cryptocurrency is currently the center of the hype in the finance sector, most big industry players are gravitating towards its underlying technology: blockchain. Several top-tier executives like Warren Buffett have been pushing the “Blockchain not Bitcoin” mantra which other’s have adopted. Such executives believe that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are […]

Top Blockchain Applications Making Waves in Commercial Real Estate

This article first appeared on RealAtom.   The commercial real estate (CRE) industry is comprised of many different types of service providers, including property management, brokerage firms, banks, and other types of lenders. When a CRE transaction takes place, there are various operators involved, requiring extensive sharing of official property documents, and financial information which […]