A ‘dark matter’ hurricane that we can’t see or hear is blasting past Earth, and it’s one of the universe’s biggest conundrums

A fast hurricane of dark matter is approaching Earth at 310 miles per second, according to astronomers. Very little is known about this occurrence, since the lightweight dark matter can’t be seen nor felt. Scientists can only prove that the dark matter exists based on the movement and placement of a stellar stream, which has […]

This cool video goes inside the A-10 cockpit when the Warthog starts blasting

Screenshot/US Navy The following video shows A-10 Warthogs firing 2.75″ rockets and 30mm ammunition during a live fire exercise at Red Flag Alaska June 11-21, 2018 in Alaska. The video is pretty short and along with some cool cockpit footage it gives a pretty good idea about what the sound of a GAU-8 Avenger 30 […]

What We Learned about Volkswagen’s 4Motion (and Ourselves) While Blasting around a Frozen Canadian Lake

– In a remote corner of Saint-Alexis-des-Monts, about 90 miles northeast of Montreal, we found ourselves standing on 30-inch-thick ice floating atop one of the many picturesque lakes that dot the rolling landscape of Quebec. We hadn’t come to take in the sights or participate in a dog-sledding expedition—although we did these things, too—but to put […]

Goodbye, Gelandewagen! Blasting through Mexico in the First-Gen Mercedes-Benz G-class

– Our cluster of high-powered SUVs tore away from Mexico City headed southeast, flanked by a chase car carrying armed personnel, just in case. An hour down the road, we stopped to change license plates. The limited-access freeway gave way to a two-lane road, but the needle of the speedometer remained close to 200 km/h, […]

Budweiser is blasting barley into space to brew Mars beer

Settlers could arrive on Mars as soon as 2024, if SpaceX gets its way. And, those newcomers to the red planet are going to need supplies, like…beer. While Elon Musk and co. are aspiring to send (useful) cargo to Mars two years ahead of the first visitors, Budweiser is planning for the inevitable celebrations. The […]

Some Iranians are blasting Trump’s decision to decertify the nuclear deal

Ebrahim Noroozi/AP Many Iranians have taken to social media to criticize U.S. President Donald Trump for taking a harder line on the Islamic republic and refusing to certify the 2015 landmark nuclear agreement with Iran, which is believed to enjoy significant support in the country. In his comments, Trump called Iran a “rogue” and “fanatical” […]

I’m a funeral director — screaming fights, drunken propositions, and blasting Nirvana are all part of my job

Six Feet Under/HBO For something that literally happens to everyone, death is a remarkably taboo subject in American culture. It makes some sense, though. Who wants to think about the lights going off permanently, let alone deal with the actual logistics of dying? That’s why I’m here. I’m a funeral director. I help you with […]

Little Big Shots contestant stuns Dawn French by BLASTING Myleene Klass

The new ITV talent series – which showcases children’s amazing talents but with no judges or prizes – debuted last night. And one young star that impressed viewers with his incredible ability to perform the piano blindfolded, was eight-year-old prodigy Leo. He already has a university degree in music and has performed at Carnegie Hall […]