Happy birthday to the Forever War: The AUMF is turning 17 years old

Kevin Lamarque It’s the 17th birthday of the post-9/11 Authorization for Use of Military Force, which gave President George W. Bush and every president since a blank check to deploy US military personnel anywhere in the world in the name of going after terrorists. Passed on Sep. 14, 2001, and signed into law on Sep. […]

St. Louis teen posts ‘made it to see 17,’ gets shot & killed on birthday

An hour after posting on Facebook that he “made it to see 17,” Armond Latimore was dead, shot in the head outside a St. Louis, Missouri restaurant on his birthday. Latimore was shot outside a Chinese restaurant on North Grand Boulevard around 1 pm local time on Saturday, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He […]

Ford Mustang Cobra Jet Makes Appearance for 50th Birthday, Promises 8 Seconds of Not-that-legal Fun

In 1968, Ford issued a limited number of lightweight, “335-horsepower” Mustangs intended for the drag strip. While street legal, the vehicles were absolute beasts on the track thanks to the implementation of the 428 Cobra Jet engine. The powerplant utilized the racy 427 FE’s intake manifold and added ram-air induction, a functional hood scoop, and an engine […]

Facebook birthday fundraisers earned over $300 million for charity

A year ago, Facebook launched its birthday fundraiser feature through which users can celebrate their big day by raising money for a good cause. And it appears to be a pretty popular tool. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said in a Facebook post yesterday that so far, Facebook users have raised over $ 300 million for over […]

Fortnite Cakes: How to complete Birthday challenges before the disappear

Fortnite fans don’t have long left to complete the Birthday Challenges. The latest selection of Fortnite challenges launched to celebrate the game’s birthday on July 24. However, these tasks won’t be around much longer, and are scheduled to be taken offline on Tuesday, July 6. Based on the in-game timer, the Birthday Challenges will be removed at […]

Power Recap: Crappy Birthday

Happy birthday, Tariq. Know what your Uncle Tommy got you? The fear of God! This week’s Power marks a mostly bitter, not-so-sweet event for the St. Patrick family: Tariq and Raina’s annual celebration, which basically only highlights how upset Ghost and Tasha are that their twin daughter, and not their twin son, was gunned down […]

Fortnite Save the World news: Free code latest, Birthday Llama update, Battle Royale skins

Fortnite Save the World saw a flurry of activity this week as Epic Games celebrated the birthday of the game franchise. This included launching new Birthday Llamas in STW, which came with their own unique rewards. Fans can earn tickets to spend on Birthday Llamas, which can contain Heroes and weapons from every event this […]

How is Kate Middleton celebrating Prince George’s birthday? Family said to be HERE

Kate Middleton, 36, and Prince William, 36, will celebrate Prince George’s fifth birthday tomorrow. The Duchess of Cambridge is likely to have something special planned for her eldest child. But it seems he won’t be indulging in a big party with lots of other children and a clown – instead the future King is thought […]

A touch of the big easy, New Orleans celebrates its 300th birthday this year

Alamy Doing so has several advantages. It offsets my new-found love of beignets (doughnut-like pastries regarded as their own food group here) and it’s a fantastic way to soak up the atmosphere, whether it’s the jazz buskers on Royal Street or the smell of garlic-drizzled Bayou fries. The best bit? New Orleans is one of […]

Queen: This is why Queen Elizabeth’s birthday changes each year – royal tradition

The Queen, 92, celebrates her birthday today, 9 June, but many will recall she already honoured the occasion earlier this year on 21 April. This is because the Queen has two birthdays: her actual birthday – the date she was born – on 21 April, and an official birthday later in the year, where the […]