The interface of tech and biotech has the potential to revolutionize healthcare, but there’s still something missing

Bayer The technology industry is becoming increasingly embedded into the world of life sciences.  Axel Bouchon, who heads up Leaps by Bayer, an organization within Bayer focused on finding and funding breakthroughs, said he expects disruption of the healthcare industry within the decade to come from the intersection of tech and biotech.  “The potential of […]

WALL STREET PAYDAY: 4 banks made a killing from Monday’s $20 billion in biotech deals

Scott Olson/Getty Images Biotech mergers and acquisitions are off to a hot start in 2018. On Monday, French drugmaker Sanofi spent $ 11.6 billion to buy US hemophilia firm Bioverativ, and Celgene spent $ 9 billion on cancer specialist Juno Therapeutics. Investment banks stand to make as much as $ 185 million in fees for advising on […]

We asked 3 top biotech VCs what kinds of companies they’d like to fund, and they all had the same answer

Getty Images/Dan Kitwood We asked venture capitalists what startups they wish they could fund.  Many had an interest in finding companies that could tackle neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s, though not much has caught their eyes so far.  “The problem is we don’t know enough about how the disease works to really invest in one drug […]

‘We’re not going to follow the hype’: Biotech VCs are concerned by the staggering size of early-stage startup funding

Reuters Money is flowing into biotech startups, with companies more and more frequently raising more than $ 100 million in early-stage funding rounds. We asked venture capitalists what all this capital meant for the private biotech industry. Some were excited for the science while concerned about the expectations that come along with this greater funding, […]

The biotech company that pivoted to blockchain is looking for a CTO and a background in cryptocurrency is a ‘big plus’

MI Riot Blockchain is searching for a chief technology officer a couple months after it announced it would enter the crypto market. Originally, it made diagnostic machinery for biotech companies under the name BiOptix Diagnostics. Its stock has soared more than 300% since announcing the pivot.   It looks like Riot Blockchain put the horse […]

Meet the 30 biotech leaders under 40 who are searching for breakthrough treatments and shaping the future of medicine

Ana Pelisson/Business Insider It’s an exciting time to be in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. From advances in cancer treatments to using genomics to better understand diseases, to technologies that let you edit, silence, or otherwise manipulate genes, the young leaders in the industry are paving their way through their businesses with biomedical research that […]

Biotech startups ditch New York and Boston over rising rent prices

(Reuters) — The biotech industry is facing high rents and tight lab space in Boston, New York and San Francisco, forcing companies into the suburbs in a sign the “live, work and play” movement into big cities may have hit a roadblock. For example, Modern Meadow, a biotech start-up poised to commercially manufacture leather from […]

A biotech company’s Alzheimer’s drug didn’t meet expectations — and the stock is plunging (NTRP)

NIH May 1 (Reuters) – Neurotrope Inc said on Monday the smaller dose of its experimental Alzheimer’s drug met the main goal in a small mid-stage study, but shares tumbled 36 percent in premarket trading as investors were not impressed with the data. In the Neurotrope trial, two doses of Bryostatin-1 were tested against a […]