Why You Should Binge-Watch These Spanish Dramas

English-speaking audiences may have previously dismissed Spanish-language series as melodramatic (see: cries in Spanish), but three recent high-budget Spanish period dramas — Velvet, Gran Hotel and Las Chicas del Cable — deliver addictively complex plotlines that fuse the camaraderie of Grey’s Anatomy, the workplace sexism of Mad Men, the humor of Friends and love stories […]

Here are all the reasons why Americans say they binge-watch TV shows

The rise of Netflix and Hulu is largely responsible for the spread of the term “binge-watch.” For most, that means dedicating an entire day or at least an evening to sitting down and watching multiple episodes of a TV show at once. According to YouGov, 58 percent of Americans have engaged in binge-watching, and of that […]

CRISPR, ‘binge-watch’ and ‘botnet’ are now in the dictionary

The vocabulary experts who decide which terms get added to the Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary are at it again. Today, over 1,000 new words made the cut from fields like science, tech, medicine pop culture, sports and more. Among the new additions are CRISPR, botnet and binge-watch alongside microbiome, truther, SCOTUS and FLOTUS. Other notable new entries […]