Si King weight loss: Hairy Bikers chef and co-star Dave Myers lost 7 stone after THIS swap

Si King and Dave Meyers shot to fame as the TV duo The Hairy Bikers. Since making their debut on the small screen, the pair fronted an array of TV series, which saw them tour the world and exploring new foods. However, despite their day job being focused on all things edible, last year, the […]

Dave Myers weight loss: Hairy Bikers TV chef lost four stone cutting out this from diet

Dave Myers is one half of the Hairy Bikers duo with Si King, 50. He has achieved an impressive weight loss in the past year. Dave went from 19 stone to less than 15 stone in the past 12 months, he told The Mirror in June. This is an incredible weight loss of over four […]

WATCH: Shocking moment off-road bikers perform DANGEROUS stunt on busy motorway

A viral video has been revealed by the police that shows two bikers nearly cause a dangerous crash on a busy motorway. Filmed on the M6, the bikes can be seen performing wheelies on the hard shoulder, before pulling out in front of cars. One car can be seen braking heavily as they nearly swerve […]

The Hairy Bikers’ Mediterranean Adventure review: Gastronomy tour stops off in Corsica

My dad had decided that our holidays there would be a chance to see the ‘real Switzerland’, industrial zones, banking hubs, immigrant hostels and all. The wisdom of this decision is up for debate (my mum certainly had an opinion or two on the matter) but I was reminded of these peculiar trips to the […]

The Hairy Bikers new book: TV chef duo reveal 150 Mediterranean dish ideas

Tell us about your new book… Dave: We wanted to feature Mediterranean dishes, but there are 21 countries and 200 islands, so we picked the western Med, where the food culture is incredible. Over three months we motorcycled in the sun, ate amazing food, did our research for the book and filmed a TV series […]

WATCH: Incredible moment bikers find man missing in the desert for TWO days in viral video

The viral video shows a group of bikers speeding along a track in an arid and hot desert landscape. The group come along a solitary man walking along a dusty road. Pulling over to help the man, they soon realise he is lost. One biker asks the man, who is wearing black shorts and a […]

The One Show: The Hairy Bikers forced to FLEE studio for THIS surprise reason

The BBC show celebrated 50 years of the band on tonight’s instalment by blowing up the actual Algie the pig – who Pink Floyd famously lost in the skies while promoting their album Animals – and sending the chefs to London Polytechnic at Regent Street, where Roger Waters met Nick Mason. The museum are celebrating […]

Get Carried Away While Designing Lifts And Jumps For Skiers And Mountain Bikers!

Carried Away is a physics-based puzzle game that lets you build lifts/jumps/bridges that bring out your inner architect, or, sometimes, your devious side to send skiers careening down a low-poly mountain terrain. You’ll be tasked with creating lifts that are safe and within your budget. Point A to B may seem simple at first, but […]

Bikers For Trump Inauguration: Fake Photos, Videos Of Bikers On Their Way To D.C. For ‘Trump 45’ Fool Facebook, Twitter

According to Facebook, more than 11,000 people are talking about “bikers for Trump inauguration” at the moment. Some of them are being bolstered by the following fake photo, which was real when posted with the label “Bikers somos Y en el camino rodamos” atop the photo. That translates to “Bikers we are — And on […]