Fallout 76 Review: Good news and bad for Bethesda’s perfect storm

Fallout 76 has a future if Bethesda can refine their work (Image: BETHESDA) For a game that wants players to create their own stories in a new, online environment, things can get pretty lonely. Fallout 76 feels like it should have been a sideways step for the beloved single-player franchise into new territory. While purists […]

Bethesda’s attempt to fix a Fallout 76 blunder leaks angry shoppers’ PID [Updated]

Enlarge / The yellow “bulb” lights up with a tap of the right-side helmet button. That’s the only light-up element. (credit: Sam Machkovech) Bethesda’s latest video game, Fallout 76, launched last month with its share of uneven reviews and responses (including our own), and chief among players’ complaints is that the always-online game is quite […]

Bethesda’s big VR games now have release dates, and they’re all in 2017

Nice box art. (credit: id Software) Bethesda had previously announced that it would release not one, not two, but three VR versions of its biggest franchises by the end of this year. Rather than disappoint headset hopefuls with a last-minute delay, the company has gone ahead and announced firm release dates for all three. Mark your […]

Modders deserve to be paid — but Bethesda’s Creation Club isn’t enough

OPINION: Arguably, no company in modern games has benefited from the work of modders more than Bethesda. My first experience with The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind role-playing game over a decade ago involved installing it, meeting the first few inhabitants of Seyda Need, shaking my head in horror, and then typing “morrowind face mod” into […]

Doom is Bethesda’s best VR game—and that’s bad news for two major “VRPGs”

Enlarge / Toy with a giant Doom monster in VR before you eventually try to kill it in a real mission. (credit: id Software) LOS ANGELES—I didn’t go into this year’s E3 thinking that the virtual reality sector needed another danged shooting game. Shooting galleries are already a dime a dozen on every consumer VR […]

Bethesda’s E3 features new Wolfenstein, Evil Within, VR Fallout and Doom

LOS ANGELES—In a quick and to-the-point presentation before the start of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, Bethesda Softworks showed off a wide array of new titles in familiar franchises. The presentation started with a look at gameplay for Bethesda’s first two virtual reality titles. Doom VFR welcomed players to the “UAC,” where it looked like they […]

Watch Bethesda’s E3 2017 event live right here at 9PM PT

When it comes to E3 press conferences, Bethesda is kind of a wild card. The company is the steward to iconic franchises like The Elder Scrolls, Dishonored and Doom, but it’s press conference is often something of a surprise. The company has a habit or reviving old franchises unexpectedly, or releasing games just months after […]

Prey Shows That Bethesda’s Review Policy Is Even Bad For Bethesda

Prey, the newest game from Arkane Studios, is most enjoyable when you take your time exploring its corners and crevices. It’s a quiet, unsettling game, one that can turn into a real drag if you try to rush. So why did Bethesda force reviewers to blaze through the game as quickly as possible? And what […]

Bethesda’s Prey gives us a rare Asian main character in a blockbuster game

OPINION: Prey debuts today as the latest science-fiction blockbuster video game for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It has an unusual kind of enemy in amorphous black alien creatures, but it also has a rarity for interactive entertainment: an Asian main character as its hero. You can choose to a man or a woman as […]

Bethesda’s Todd Howard inducted into game academy’s Hall of Fame

Todd Howard, executive producer and game director at Bethesda Game Studios, has made games like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout for decades, and tonight he was honored as the 22nd inductee into the Hall of Fame at the game industry’s equivalent of the Academy Awards. Howard was honored by his peers in the Academy of […]