How to speed up weight loss: The easy hacks to shed pounds and belly fast FAST

Losing weight and getting a “summer body” is usually on the mind of many Britons. But with modern life, training regimes and diet plans can often fall off the radar, with weight-loss goals not being achieved. With summer here and in full swing, many Britons could be feeling disappointed that their ideal weight was not […]

Weight Loss: Why eating fermented foods can blast belly fat and help you lose weight

Many diet methods promise to offer miracle weight-loss results, with the market crowded with quick fixes and short-term plans. From shakes to pills to cleanses, many weight-loss solutions come with negative side effects and can actually contribute to deterioration to the body’s health. However, great weight loss can be achieved through just a few simple […]

Stomach bloating: Three easy ways to stop a swollen belly and excess wind

Bloating is often caused by gas or trapped air in the abdomen, and there are certain foods that can promote this. The NHS recommends cutting down on foods known to cause excess wind and bloating – and there are six to be watchful of. Beans, onions, broccoli, cabbage, sprouts and cauliflower are all known for […]

Weight loss: ‘Bum belly’ man sheds SEVEN stone thanks to giving up THIS unhealthy habit

Mark Johnson, 38, managed a whopping seven stone weight loss off his 23 stone heavy frame after feeling ashamed by his holiday photos. Before and after pictures show his transformation from fat to fit – including getting rid of belly fat after losing a foot from his waistline. The impressive slimmer from Watford, who works in […]

How to lose weight fast – this simple diet plan can help you lose belly fat for summer

This diet plan trick could help you lose weight in time for summer, according to one expert. The incredibly easy rule means changing just one element of your meal to decrease your calorie count. Nutritionist Miguel Toribio-Mateas claims the easy switch can fill you up quicker, ultimately causing weight loss. If you want to lose […]