Trump challenges 7-year-old kid’s belief in Santa during Christmas Eve phone calls

Jacquelyn Martin/AP Children who called the US military’s North American Aerospace Defense Command to get updates on Santa Claus’ progress on Christmas Eve were greeted by President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on Monday night. Together, the Trumps answered some of the phone calls in what has become an annual tradition for the […]

Can you be fat AND fit? New research challenges commonly held belief

GETTY – STOCK Being ‘fat but fit’ is a myth says a study But research shows the risk of heart attack, stroke and high blood pressure rockets as body mass goes beyond 22. Risk also shoots up the more fat someone carries around their waist, according to findings published in the European Heart Journal today. […]

Veronica on Netflix: Director reveals HORRIFYING belief about supernatural horror

The Netflix movie has been called Spain’s answer to The Conjuring and has caused a social media storm. Early viewers claimed it was too frightening to watch all the way to the end. Based on a horrifying true story, the ‘Vellecas case’, and the disturbing police investigation afterwards, the movie has become an instant sensation […]

Cheating warning: If your partner holds this belief they could be more likely to cheat

Cheating is taboo in most relationships, but shockingly Christians are more likely to be caught straying away then atheists, according to one website. Followers of Christianity are more likely to be unfaithful in their marriages than atheists, has claimed. The site for online cheating asked its members to state their religious belief. They found […]

Abortion on Trial review: Emotive topic charged with belief and ignorance

GETTY / BBC Abortion On Trial promised us people, spending a weekend at Anne Robinson’s house, talking abortion The one that stands out though is not the rudest, goriest or even the most boring. It’s the one that seems to grasp the point of television the least. It’s a genre rather than an actual show, […]

Contrary to popular belief, most Americans pay taxes and feel a sense of pride in doing so

Don Ryan/AP Photo APRIL 18, 2017 —Contrary to popular belief, supported by complaints many hear as Tax Day approaches in mid-April, most Americans pay taxes and feel a sense of pride in doing so, studies have shown. But they don’t necessarily believe that their fellow Americans are feeling, or acting, the same. As the tax […]