The Hills: New Beginnings Premiere: Everything We Learned, Including Why Pamela Anderson Moved to France

RELATED STORIES New beginnings began anew on Monday with the premiere of The Hills: New Beginnings, MTV’s long-awaited (and bizarrely edited) revival of its classic reality soap opera. We entered New Beginnings with two burning questions: First, will any characters discuss The Hills‘ original finale, which revealed the entire series to have been scripted? And […]

Holy Grain: The Spiritual Beginnings of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes

As new patients approached the sprawling grounds of Battle Creek Sanitarium, they saw men in short-sleeve shirts and women in floor-length dresses doing lunges and backbends. New arrivals soon noticed their tanner cheeks and shrunken waistlines — taking on a cultivated air of health, well-being and moral fortitude. They were there because their health had […]

NHL at 100: Humble beginnings to billion-dollar business

It was a night of sticky ice, last-minute player signings and a disappointingly small crowd. The glitches that marred the NHL’s debut seem mere footnotes now as the world’s premier hockey league celebrates its 100th anniversary with an outdoor game Saturday evening between the Montreal Canadiens and host Ottawa Senators. Amid the humble beginnings, few […]

Monster Truck on NEW album for 2018 and their HILARIOUS ‘stoner’ beginnings (EXCLUSIVE)

The audacious Canadian rock band hit up the Planet Rock Stage at Ramblin’ Man Fair 2017 last weekend and had the chance to catch up with the two frontmen. Singer and bassist Jon Harvey and guitarist Jeremy Widerman teased Monster Truck’s third album for fans, while also recounting the band’s hilarious “stoner” beginnings that […]

Da Vinci’s iconic depiction of Easter’s beginnings has a violent history it barely survived

Wikimedia Commons On Sunday, millions of people around the world will celebrate Easter. Easter is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, and one of the most famous images from that story is Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” It’s an iconic Renaissance masterpiece that’s been praised, studied, and copied for over 500 years. Against all odds, the painting still […]