Samsung and Apple have had enough of the court battles, finally settle

Now for some real fun, the S6 versus the iPhone 6 Plus! (credit: Ron Amadeo) In a protracted legal battle with Samsung that Apple co-founder Steve Jobs himself once dubbed a “thermonuclear war,” the two mobile phone makers have now decided to finally settle a seven-year-old patent dispute that unfolded in courtrooms around the globe. […]

Project Shore Promises Low-Poly Low-Fantasy Tactical Battles

With its rustic low-poly aesthetic, systemic world design, and partially hands-off approach to combat, Project Shore looks to be an interesting entry among indie turn-based strategy games. As a mercenary company commander, you are merely one party among a larger world in Project Shore. Reminiscent of the tactical RPG Battle Brothers, the fate of your […]

Incredible Mandy Shows Off Thrilling Boss Battles & Enchanting Worlds

Calling all adventurers in seek of their next big challenge, Incredible Mandy wants you to brave its puzzle and boss gauntlets! With eight levels to prove both brain and brawn, players will be tested with all manner of challenges across varied, colorful worlds. After all, when it comes to saving someone, it’s usually not easy, […]

Unworthy Showcases A Gritty World Filled With Challenging, Shadowy Battles

If death won’t take you, what do you do? Unworthy features a protagonist who’s risen from the grave, caught in the gloomy plane between life and death. It isn’t a friendly place, either, with many monsters looking to take your life, and without being able to jump in this metroidvania, combat seekers may find their […]

Stained Glass Kingdoms And Card-Based Battles Abound In RPG The Land Of Glass

Sometimes a game might grab one’s attention with a glance and The Land of Glass‘ stained glass aesthetic is certainly eye-catching. But along with the unique art style, this new RPG combines strategic combat with cards and deck building. The Land of Glass takes places in the fantasy world of Vitrerran, overrun by monsters flooding […]

Rise of the Third Power Promises Fun Battles For The Whole Party

Stegosoft, whose first game Ara Fell was a rather lovely old-school JRPG, just unveiled their next project. Rise of the Third Power will be yet another retro roleplaying game loosely based on the political climate of Europe in the mid 1930’s – and it’s looking very promising. Rise of the Third Power promises a game […]

Bill Gates weighs in on one of the oldest, biggest battles in programming (MSFT)

    Jeff Vinnick / Stringer / Getty ImagesSee the rest of the story at Business Insider NOW WATCH: How Bill Gates makes and spends his billions See Also: The 50 best places to live in America Mueller just made a move indicating Rick Gates has something of significant value to offer him How 29-year-old […]

The race to be last: Polar explorer Eric Larsen battles climate change

“I’m in a periphery sport that not a lot of people understand—nor the place I’m traveling to,” Larsen explains. He said this is especially true in the US, a country that doesn’t have a collective consciousness of polar exploration on a national level, compared to, say, Norway. “So many people ask me, ‘Is there land […]