Avengers 4: Hulk is NOT the problem, Bruce Banner is – This changes EVERYTHING

Why is everyone blaming the not-so-jolly green giant? Throughout Infinity War, Hulk refused to come out and smash anything at all. Tis caused Bruce, Tony and all teh Avengerds initial embarrassment but then became a major problem by the final battle. Even the film makers have explained that Hulk is tired of just being pulled […]

Avengers 4 spoiler confirms shock HULK storyline? Is this the END for Bruce Banner?

Hulk used to be so simple.  A creature of few words and ample gestures, he would get mean and green and then the smashing would begin. But what happens when ‘Hulk no smash’? During Infinity War when the fate of the entire universe was in dire danger, Hulk refused to help and set up a […]

FIFA reveals it cautioned Croatia for ultra-nationalist banner after Nigeria match

The organizers of the World Cup have admitted Croatian supporters were warned over an incendiary banner, brought in by the supporters to the team’s opening game on June 16. “In this case, where a single banner was held by a single supporter, a warning was issued instead of a fine, because officials from the Croatian […]

FIFA hits World Cup hosts Russia with fine for fans’ discriminatory banner

FIFA has fined World Cup hosts Russia for a discriminatory banner displayed by fans during their team’s 3-0 group stage defeat to Uruguay. Read more The World Cup hosts were fined 10,000 Swiss francs ($ 10,100), although no details were released on the contents of the banner. FIFA’s Disciplinary Committee also handed a fine of […]

‘We had to make this banner to thank Russia!’: Panama fans give heartfelt message (VIDEO)

Two Panama fans have shown their gratitude to the Russian people by making a banner thanking them ‘from their hearts’ – and also declaring their love of khachapuri, a popular delicacy in the country. Friends David and Luis took their makeshift banner to Panama’s match with England at Nizhny Novgorod Stadium. The sign reads: “Thank […]

Destiny 2 Iron Banner Weapons: Bungie reveal loot and rewards

The development have launched the latest Destiny 2 Iron Banner event, which includes new rewards and weapons. The latest PvP clash will run until Tuesday, March 13, when Bungie performs their usual Weekly Reset. The game type for this week’s event is Clash, although the development team have confirmed they have some changes planned. Iron […]

Google Play banner hints at dedicated audiobook section

Google Play might be close to launching a section dedicated to selling audiobooks. 9to5Google has spotted a banner displayed in the Books section of the app market announcing its arrival. It was even promoting a 50 percent discount for your first audiobook purchase and apparently linked to a category distinct from Google Play Music, which […]

Destiny 2 Iron Banner end: Bungie confirm major PS4 and Xbox One reset news

With the clock ticking down on this month’s Destiny 2 Iron Banner, Guardians have been given some news on the Token situation. The newly launched activity is set to end on Tuesday, October 17, 10am BST and will see the map Distant Shore join the rotation for all playlists following the reset. Unlike in Destiny […]

Destiny 2 news: Iron Banner update, Prestige Raid reveal and PC release date

The Destiny 2 Iron Banner launched this week and also provided a few new updates along the way. An additional map was launched as part of the new Iron Banner to give you more zones to control.  Distant Shore is a Crucible map set on Nessus, and is a Destiny 1 remake many returning Guardians […]

Syria rebel flags banned, ‘Free Syria’ banner confiscated from World Cup play-off match

Published time: 10 Oct, 2017 15:25 Edited time: 10 Oct, 2017 15:26 Syrian revolutionary flags were banned and a pro-revolution banner was confiscated at the FIFA 2018 World Cup Russia play-off match between Syria and Australia on Tuesday. READ MORE: Syria’s Russia 2018 World Cup dream ends after valiant playoff effort in Australia Prior to the […]