Coronation Street spoilers: 'How?' Kirk Sutherland's factory escape baffles viewers

Kirk (played by Andrew Whyment) was trapped inside the Underworld building when debris rained down on those inside during last night’s dramatic episodes of Coronation Street. But he couldn’t get out quickly as his leg was trapped underneath some of the rubble on the ITV soap. On top of that danger, there was also a […]

Celebrity Big Brother 2018: Dan Osborne baffles fans after pedometer confession

Dan was enlisted on a secret mission in the Celebrity Big Brother house this evening as Nick was brought to the diary room. While Nick was fitted with a pedometer – unbeknownst to him – Dan gathered the rest of the house to tell them about the secret mission. He explained that they need to […]

‘Fighting or sexing?’ Face-chewing iguana encounter baffles Starbucks customers (VIDEO)

A highly charged confrontation between two large iguanas caused a mini traffic jam at a Starbucks in Boca Raton, Florida. But were the colorful animals fighting or mating? Florida woman Shannon Moskoff witnessed the bizarre scene while on a morning coffee run with her friend. She came across the two extravagant-looking reptiles locked in a […]

Optical illusion BAFFLES the internet – can YOU spot the straight parallel blue lines?

This optical illusion is confusing the internet, as its confusing shape and colours make it hard to look at. Posted on the Imgur social sharing platform, it has caused a storm, with some claiming it affects their eyes, while others say it makes them “freak out”. But you will find it hard to look away […]

BAFTA 2018: Prince William baffles viewers as he debuts new style 'What are those?'

The BAFTA Awards were broadcast on the BBC this evening and just minutes into Joanna Lumley’s speech, the royal was spotted sporting a new accessory.  Prince William, who looked dapper in a black tuxedo, accessorised his smart attire with a pair of thick black framed glasses.  Those tuning into the ceremony were quick to pick […]

X Factor 2017: Simon Cowell baffles fans as he blasts own show’s elimination twist

The television mogul not once but twice expressed his unhappiness about the decision to have a double elimination, which saw Sam Black as well as Sean and Conor Price get the boot. After it was announced the two acts were leaving, the distraught looking 58-year-old asked: “Whose idea was it to do a double elimination?” […]

WATCH: Viral video BAFFLES internet with mystery man optical illusion – can you guess why?

A viral video captures a baffling optical illusion that has confused users online. The Imgur video, which has since had over 100,000 views, shows a man filming outside a window at a seemingly empty road with two cars parked. As it moves across, it spots something eerily confusing. How the mysterious optical illusion is created […]

WATCH: Mysterious floating city in the SKY baffles tourists in China

Residents and tourists alike have witnessed the jaw-dropping appearance of a “floating city” above the skies of China.  Video shows what appears to be looming grey skyscrapers poking out of the clouds high above shocked onlookers.  The incredible sight has been spotted at least four times over the past two years.  It’s led to all […]