Barking mad: IKEA faces online backlash over ‘sexist’ Facebook post ‘comparing’ women to pet dogs

IKEA’s Russian branch has got itself in hot water over a Facebook ad that some users saw as comparing women to dogs and purveying sexist stereotypes. The company deleted the post and apologized after the outcry. The controversial post featured a Jack Russell terrier dog sitting at a table in in front of a serving […]

Star Wars 9: Mark Hamill makes THIS declaration after wading in on Last Jedi Luke backlash

The most recent Star Wars movie did divisive things with Luke; and Mark has been quite forward in saying how he himself initially struggled to get his head around it. But now? He’s made it known that he will no longer be offering up his opinions via Twitter. One fan asked him if he thought […]

Star Wars writer FIRED by Disney over tweets: Fan backlash gets really nasty

Wendig wrote the best-selling Star Wars; Aftermath trilogy, which fills in the gaps that lead up to the events of The Force Awakens. He also wrote a novelisation of that movie. He was currently mid-way through a five-part miniseries Shadow of Vader when he was summarily fired. He revealed the news on Twitter is a […]

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales: There’s going to be an ‘enormous backlash’ against Donald Trump’s lies

Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales thinks there is going to be an “enormous backlash” against Donald Trump’s lies. He said the US president is a “very talented man” and deserves credit, but the truth could eventually catch up with him come the 2020 election.  Wales said his website WikiTribune is still finding its feet and is on […]

Physics ‘invented by men’? Scientist faces backlash after ‘highly offensive’ talk on gender bias

A senior scientist at Pisa University has sparked anger following a talk he gave on the role of women in physics at Cern, the European nuclear research centre, in which he said that physics was “invented and built by men”. Responding to the backlash, Cern released a statement which said the talk given by Prof […]

A Secular Backlash Against Islamism Is Brewing in Indonesia

Only 15 months ago, a right-wing Islamist-led uprising helped defeat Jakarta’s ethnically Chinese, Christian governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, known as “Ahok.” Then, earlier this year, a radicalized Muslim family killed 14 people at churches in Surabaya, sending shock waves through the Islamic world’s most populous nation. But now a secular backlash is brewing, and it’s […]

Star Wars: Darth Maul actor HITS BACK at trolls in fiery rant after Solo backlash

The star, who played Darth Maul for the second time in the recent spin-off, has seemingly been targeted by some on the internet making cruel comments about his appearance. This morning he has taken to Instagram to speak out, putting those abusing him firmly in their place. “Not that I NEED TO JUSTIFY THIS! I […]

Strictly Come Dancing 2018 line-up: Joe Sugg admits ‘backlash’ was expected amid launch

Joe Sugg has millions of YouTube followers who track his every move regularly. And they will no doubt be overjoyed to see the social media star every Saturday night on Strictly Come Dancing.  However, the generation who follow the vlogger are probably a little younger than the one who watches the BBC talent show.  As […]

Star Wars 9 leak and pics reveal opening scenes? Fans are NOT impressed – More backlash?

What will it take to please Star Wars fans? Many are distinctly unhappy after Rian Johnsons’s The Last Jedi delivered a divisive movie that many felt betrayed the iconic classic characters and themes of the franchise. There is huge pressure on JJ Abrams to bring the saga to a close and repair the split in […]