Saturday Kitchen live: Guest Sarah Hadland shocked as BBC show hit by awkward blunder

Saturday Kitchen host Matt Tebbutt, 44, had to brush over an awkward incident in the first five minutes of the BBC broadcast when the Miranda star forgot to switch her phone onto silent before going on camera. As the presenter welcomed Sarah, 46, he revealed that her acting career had even included a role as […]

WATCH: Meghan Markle laughs off awkward gaffe as she takes to the Endeavour Awards stage

Meghan Markle, 36, and Prince Harry, 33, attended the Endeavour Awards in London last night. The couple held hands and beamed as they walked in to the event together in a seamless display of unity. But Meghan went solo to present an award during the ceremony, and had to contend with an awkward moment. Taking […]

Good Morning Britain star 'TURNED DOWN' by Prince Charles – Watch awkward moment here

Reflecting on the meeting, they showed a behind-the-scenes clip of the presenters shaking hands and chatting to the Prince of Wales and Camilla.  But Alex Beresford confessed that when it came to his turn to meet the couple, he was “turned down” in a moment of confusion.  “Who went the most posh Susanna Reid?” host […]

President Trump's First SOTU Address: 7 Super Awkward Moments

President Trump on Tuesday delivered his first State of the Union address and, as expected, he hit on all of his favorite hot topics, including tax reform, immigration, the war on terrorism and the booming economy. POTUS stuck mostly to the pre-released script during his hour-plus speech, but, as with any live television event featuring […]

Piers Morgan CLASHES with Priti Patel during awkward first interview since May's ‘sacking'

Patel resigned from her role as international development secretary in November last year after it emerged that she was not candid about unofficial meetings with Israeli ministers.  The 45-year-old caused chaos for Prime Minister Theresa May who lost two cabinet members in the same week, causing some to question the power she has over the country.  Patel […]

10 of the most awkward moments from Trump’s first year in office

Mark Wilson/Getty Images President Donald Trump’s first year in office has included many awkward moments. Whether implying a 19th century abolitionist was alive or ignoring a handshake from the German Chancellor, Trump provided plenty of fodder for ridicule from his online critics and amusement from his supporters. Here are 10 of the most cringe-worthy awkward […]

Piers Morgan in shock as guest brings awkward interview to an END: ‘Thanks and goodnight'

Tonya Harding was being interviewed about a film that has been made about her life named I, Tonya.  Now 47, the former professional ice skater has been plagued with criticism after she was accused of hiring a hitman to break the right leg of her rival Nancy Kerrigan.  Naturally, Piers set about grilling her about […]

Kate Garraway red-faced as Ben Shephard makes EXTREMELY awkward innuendo: ‘What?’

Ben, 43, was explaining the ITV breakfast show’s new competition which would include a surprise home visit from Andi Peters.  However, it seemed that the long-standing presenter hadn’t considered his words before he said them as he muttered the ultimate innuendo.  “It could be you that he knocks up,” Ben teased, while Kate was left […]