How Princess Diana developed a genius trick to avoid paparazzi snapping her cleavage

Princess Diana, who tragically died on 31 August 1997, was one of the world’s most watched women. The Princess of Wales was followed by paparazzi, keen for an image of the beautiful royal. A friend of the Princess, and a fashion designer, has revealed Diana had a clever sartorial trick. The royal used a bag […]

How to stop snoring: Best sleeping positions to avoid the deafening sound

Snoring could be stopped by adopting certain sleeping positions. The condition is “very common” said the NHS in a nod to the nation’s lost sleep. “Snoring is caused by things such as your tongue, mouth, throat or airways in your nose vibrating as you breathe,” they said. “It happens because these parts of your body […]

Stomach bloating: Swap butter for THIS alternative to avoid the painful swelling

Stomach bloating could be avoided by eating avocados instead of butter, it has been claimed. That’s according to health and wellness author Maeve Madden. Writing in her book ‘Beat Your Bloat’ she decried butter, and other dairy products, as her bloating “arch enemy”. “Dairy makes me so bloated it looks like I’m pregnant with a […]

Heart attack warning – seven foods to avoid or risk heart disease

A heart attack is a medical emergency and requires immediate treatment. The condition, which is also known as a myocardial infarction, is caused by the heart’s blood supply becoming blocked. It’s a symptom of coronary heart disease; where fatty deposits build up in blood vessels. Lower your risk of a heart attack by making some […]