A Michelin-starred chef says restaurants should stop serving avocados because they’re like ‘the blood diamonds of Mexico’

NatashaPhoto/iStock The avocado is one of the trendiest and most popular foods of the moment. However, a Michelin-star chef says the fruits are “the blood diamonds of Mexico” and “they are akin to battery chickens.” The comments come following an increasing number of restaurants removing avocados from their menus due to environmental concerns. Avocados: a […]

You can now buy avocados the size of your head in Australia for $12 each

NatashaPhoto/iStock You can now buy enormous head-sized avocados in Australia. The 1.2kg avocados have been dubbed Avozillas. They’re selling fast despite the £9 ($ 12). Avozillas apparently taste identical to regular avocados, but with a softer finish that makes them slightly easier to spread. A new giant-sized variety of the avocado is being sold in Australia […]

How to live longer – this is how many avocados you should be eating every week

Eating a healthy, balanced diet is crucial to helping you live longer, according to the NHS. You should also make sure to do plenty of regular exercise. Every UK adult should aim to do at least 150 minutes of activity every week. If you’re a smoker, one of the best ways to lower your risk […]

Back that Hass up: Global demand for avocados skyrockets, pushes prices to record highs

Published time: 1 May, 2017 16:58 Bad news for guacamole fans: A bad harvest and strike by growers in Mexico have forced avocado prices to a record high. A surge in global demand, reduced harvests from major avocado producing regions Peru,  California and Mexico coupled with a growers strike in the latter have sent prices […]