Even self-driving leader Waymo is struggling to reach full autonomy

The Wednesday rollout of Waymo One, Waymo’s commercial self-driving taxi service, falls far short of expectations the company itself set earlier in the year. In late September, a Waymo spokeswoman told Ars by email that the Phoenix service would be fully driverless and open to members of the public—claims I reported in this article. We […]

Porsche 911 Chief on Autonomy: “A 911 Will Always Have a Steering Wheel”

– It’s no secret that Porsche is hard at work on the next generation of the iconic 911 sports car, code-named 992. Porsche now has even released some rather revealing camouflaged photos of the car. Along with the photos, the company also released an internally produced interview with 911 chief engineer August Achleitner that includes some interesting […]

Aurora's Chris Urmson on autonomy — that's one way to avoid speeding tickets

Although this year’s CES was full of companies announcing and exhibiting their real and conceivable self-driving car technologies, while actual self-driving cars from Aptiv-Lyft were giving conventioneers 400 rides around town, the biggest news came when Volkswagen Group — and recognize this is the entire group, not just the brand — and Hyundaiannounced that they’d […]

Hyundai plans Level 4 autonomy by 2021 in a fuel-cell car

SAN FRANCISCO — Silicon Valley startup Aurora announced on Thursday partnerships with Volkswagen AG and Hyundai to develop a self-driving system within their vehicles, the latest tie-up between global automakers and Silicon Valley tech companies. Aurora was founded in 2016 by robotics expert Drew Bagnell, Chris Urmson, who came from Alphabet Inc’s Google, and Sterling […]

Catalonia independence ruled out, but more autonomy possible – Spanish FM

The political standoff between Madrid and Barcelona will not result in an independent Catalonia, but Madrid could, however, expand the region’s autonomy, Spain’s Foreign Minister said after his government sacked the regional authority and ordered snap elections. “I rule out full independence but not necessarily more autonomy, even if they are now already one of […]

Path to Autonomy: Self-Driving Car Levels 0 to 5 Explained

– Because no two automated-driving technologies are exactly alike, SAE International’s standard J3016 defines six levels of automation for automakers, suppliers, and policymakers to use to classify a system’s sophistication. The pivotal change occurs between Levels 2 and 3, when responsibility for monitoring the driving environment shifts from the driver to the system. READ MORE […]

Autonomy without the Indignity: Smart Vision EQ Fortwo

– Remember the Google car, a.k.a. the Waymo Firefly, that dopey gumdrop-shaped device occupied by simpering passengers and blocking traffic in one of the hapless cities selected to be experimental proving grounds for autonomous driving? The sight of one was enough to make you dismiss the technology altogether and head straight to the Dodge dealer […]

2018 Mercedes-Benz S-class First Drive: Greater Autonomy

– “Leave the driving to us,” the ads for Greyhound used to say. While taking the bus is about as far as one can get from traveling via Mercedes-Benz S-class, that tagline also is appropriate for the latest version of the grandiose big Benz. For 2018, the S-class sees a mid-cycle update that brings powertrain […]