Australians are playing through a record-breaking Christmas heat wave

Don Arnold/Getty Images Temperature records have been smashed as a Christmas heat wave has the southeastern corner of Australia in a stranglehold. The hottest place in the country, Marble Bar in the Pilbara of Western Australia hit an all-time heat record of 120 degrees Fahreneit (49 degrees Celsius) on Thursday. December and Christmas are only […]

Jamie Carragher sends disgraced Australians Steve Smith and Darren Lehman a message

Carragher tweeted a message to the Aussies saying ‘I knew you’d save me boys!’ with a picture of him alongside Smith and Lehmann. But he quickly deleted it after getting a world of social media abuse. Carragher was suspended by Sky Sports for spitting towards a fan and his daughter following Manchester United’s win over […]

Two Australians & their dog survive 4 nights on roof of stuck car surrounded by crocodiles

Published time: 23 Nov, 2017 02:05 Two fishermen became crocodile bait after falling victim to a bog tide in the Australian wild. To escape the hungry predators, they had to practice their survival skills on the roof of their stranded vehicle for days before help arrived. Last Friday two Australian fishermen and their dog embarked […]

Australians are voting on same-sex marriage — and it’s starting to get ugly

Lisa Maree Williams/Getty Images Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has stuck to his campaign promise to put same-sex marriage to a vote. Australians have until November 7 to complete a mail-in survey on whether or not the 1961 Marriage Act should be amended to include same-sex couples. The ballot has a single question: “Should the […]

Australians Are Preparing For A Huge Cyclone In The Most Aussie Way Possible

Penny Wardroper has baked a cake to mark the impending arrival of tropical cyclone Debbie, which is heading towards her home in Queensland’s north. Via Instagram: @pennywardroper “We thought, ‘Ah well, let’s have a peace offering to Debbie so she doesn’t smash us’,” Wardroper, who lives in the Whitsundays, told BuzzFeed News. When Cyclone Debbie […]

Australians Are Freaking Out Because Apparently Americans Microwave Their Water??

1. On Wednesday night Australian Twitter, as it is known to do, discovered something strange about people in the United States of America: they don’t really use kettles. W…wait, Americans don’t have electric kettles? — Lana (@friggenawesome) 2. That is to say, they do – but not much. I think this kettle thing is probably […]