Asthma attack: Sudden change to cold weather could trigger symptoms

ASTHMA attack is when the usual symptoms of the condition get worse. An asthma attack can be deadly so it’s important to know how the weather can effect it. Cold weather can be a trigger for symptoms, so with autumn and winter approaching, what can be done to reduce the risk of an attack happening?

Asthma attack: Sudden change to cold weather could trigger symptoms

Asthma is a respiratory condition that causes occasional difficulties with breathing. An asthma attack is when the symptoms of asthma get worse for a short time. This can happen suddenly or gradually over a few days. Attacks have been known to have fatal consequences, with statistics revealing the death of three people in the UK […]

Asthma: How developing the condition as an adult could be caused by your job

Asthma is a common lung condition which causes breathing difficulties. The main symptoms are wheezing, breathlessness, tightness around the chest and coughing. Many people first develop asthma when they are children, but it is possible to also develop it as an adult. According to Asthma UK, one in 10 cases of asthma in adults is […]

Wealthy childhood ‘increases risk’ of dying from asthma

But new research suggests that deaths from the respiratory disorder among children and younger adults in England was more common in affluent areas. One possible explanation is that cleaner homes increase the risk of childhood allergies. Some scientists think a lack of early childhood exposure to germs increases the chance of allergic diseases and that […]