Danger of daily aspirin: pill leads higher risk of death

They were also at “significantly” increased risk of serious internal bleeding.  Those who had not previously suffered a stroke or heart attack and did not take aspirin were more likely to live longer.  Experts said the findings showed many older people may be taking the medicine “unnecessarily” and that it is “really of very little […]

Aspirin can HALVE risk of some deadly cancers, a study has found

Scientists said taking a low dose for at least six months can reduce the chances of being struck down by almost 50 per cent. A study involving more than 600,000 people found the common over-the-counter drug was especially effective against types of the killer disease which start in the digestive system. The risk of cancers […]

Aspirin withdrawal linked to increased risk of heart attack and stroke

Scientists found the body can suffer a “rebound effect” following a sudden withdrawal – causing clots in vessels that supply the heart or brain. The study shows how suddenly stopping the blood-thinning medication raises the risk of patients suffering a heart attack or stroke by 37 per cent. Up to half of those prescribed aspirin […]