Meet the Cape Town graffiti artists helping transform their township

Tayla Gentle August 13, 2018 Share this article In a Cape Town district almost untouched by tourism, graffiti culture is helping a new generation find their voice, and travelers are beginning to take note. Tayla Gentle visits the locals taking their township’s image into their own hands. The township of Langa has always had something […]

‘Cosmic Snake’ Offers High Scores For Talented Cave-In Artists

Cosmic Snake doesn’t have much to do with the classic game save for giving you a snake to control, although this one is more interested in digging holes and dropping ceilings on things than eating small bits and getting bigger. In Cosmic Snake, you want to dig holes in all of that heavy, heavy dirt […]

Two Pop Culture-Loving Artists Pay Tribute to the ‘Objects of Their Affection’

Los Angeles-based Dave Quiggle and Seattle’s Barry Blankenship have both contributed to several events at the pop culture-obsessed Gallery1988, so when our friends at the gallery asked them to do a collaborative show, the print artists proved a good match. As their shared theme, they asked themselves a question many an artist has pondered: what […]

Earth’s first artists? Oldest known cave paintings created by ‘sophisticated’ Neanderthals (VIDEO)

More sophisticated and closer to modern humans than previously thought, Neanderthals were the world’s first artists, according to new research which has uncovered cave art in Spain thought to be some 65,000 years old. The incredible discovery calls into question previous assumptions about the archaic humans and suggests they may have had an artistic sense […]

Neanderthals were artists and thought symbolically, new studies argue

Enlarge / Can you spot the three hand stencils? (credit: J. Zilhão) Hominins have lived in Western Spain’s Maltravieso Cave off and on for the last 180,000 years. At some point in those long millennia of habitation, some of them left behind hand stencils, dots and triangles, and animal figures painted in red on the […]