The US just approved $1.3 billion sale of artillery to Saudi Arabia

AP Photo/Evan Vucci The Trump administration is signing off on selling more than $ 1.3 billion in artillery to Saudi Arabia. The package includes about 180 Paladin howitzer systems, which fire 155mm shells. The US has raised concerns previously about heavy civilian casualties caused by the Saudi-led coalition fighting in Yemen. The Trump administration is […]

State Dept greenlights $500mn sale of missiles & artillery to Poland

Poland is set to purchase up to 150 advanced air-to-air missiles and about two dozen multiple rocket launchers and other high-grade military equipment from US, with a total estimated cost of some $ 500 million, The Pentagon has revealed. The Defense Security Cooperation Agency, a branch of the US Department of Defense, in charge of […]

Artillery strikes against ISIS in Syria were so intense they burned out 2 Marine howitzers

Sgt. Matthew Callahan/US Marine Corps US-backed forces announced they had recaptured Raqqa from ISIS fighters in mid-October. The US-led coalition was supporting them with intense artillery fire by US Marines and airstrikes by coalition aircraft. US Marines arrived in Syria in March to support the effort to retake Raqqa with artillery fire. The Marines, from […]

The US military has released the first footage of Marine artillery striking ISIS in Syria

Sgt. Matthew Callahan/US Marine Corps US Marines have been on the ground in Syria since March, when a detachment from an amphibious task force arrived in the country, where they joined US special-operations forces to support US partner forces. The Marine units deployed to Syria included elements of an artillery battery that can fire 155-millimeter […]

US nuclear sub docks in S. Korea amid reports of massive artillery drills by North

Published time: 25 Apr, 2017 12:22Edited time: 25 Apr, 2017 12:56 A US nuclear submarine armed with guided missiles has made a port call in South Korea, while Pyongyang is reportedly holding massive long-range artillery drills amid muscle-flexing in the region and rising tensions between Washington and North Korea. Read more The USS Michigan nuclear […]

Iraqi forces use heavy artillery & rockets in Mosul after pledging not to – HRW researcher

Published time: 15 Mar, 2017 14:03 Iraqi troops are firing heavy artillery and rockets in west Mosul, which they earlier pledged to avoid. This is forcing a massive civilian exodus from the Iraqi city, a senior Iraq researcher at Human Rights Watch, Belkis Wille, told RT. “We are seeing the Iraqi forces starting to use […]