Google publishes its own archive of US political ads

In the months leading up to the US midterm elections, the big online sites that inadvertently hosted the worst manipulation back in 2016, like Facebook and Twitter, have adopted new advertising policies to enforce transparency. So has Google, which has followed Facebook in preparing another resource for the public: An archive of ads. Today, the […]

Miiverse archive recovers 17TB of social mirth after Nintendo’s shutdown

Enlarge / An extremely small look at the hundreds of millions of Miiverse posts archived on Archiverse (credit: Archiverse) Nintendo’s first attempt at creating a real online social network, Miiverse, became a surprisingly robust and meme-filled community of artists and fans in the years after it launched on the Wii U and 3DS. Then, last […]

Nintendo’s Miiverse lives on in a giant internet archive

Nintendo’s Miiverse is dead. However, that doesn’t mean that all your message board posts have disappeared into the ether. Drastic Actions and the Archive Team have launched Archiverse, an unofficial but very thorough collection of Miiverse posts. There are roughly 133 million posts, 217 million replies, 76 million screenshots and 72 million drawings — all […]

Neil Young’s huge online music archive opens to the public

Neil Young has been talking up his giant online archive for ages, but he’s finally ready to deliver on his promises. The veteran Canadian rocker has launched the simply-titled Neil Young Archives, a website that includes all the media he has produced to date. And we do mean everything — every song Young has made […]

Pentagon contractor leaves social media spy archive wide open on Amazon

(credit: Wikipedia) A Pentagon contractor left a vast archive of social-media posts on a publicly accessible Amazon account in what appears to be a military-sponsored intelligence-gathering operation that targeted people in the US and other parts of the world. The three cloud-based storage buckets contained at least 1.8 billion scraped online posts spanning eight years, […]

Neil Young prepares a giant online archive for his music

Neil Young has come a long, long way since he dismissed streaming music services. The singer-songwriter has unveiled plans for a huge online archive of his work that, naturally, will tie into his streaming music service (Xstream Music). The focus is on a timeline that highlights his music from 1963 onward, complete with playback and […]

WikiLeaks publishes searchable archive of Emmanuel Macron’s campaign emails

Thomson Reuters PARIS (Reuters) – WikiLeaks said on Monday it had published a searchable archive of more than 21,000 verified emails associated with key figures in the election campaign of President Emmanuel Macron. The stolen data was originally dumped on the internet in May, on the eve of the French presidential run-off between Macron and […]

Emulate the Golden Age of the Macintosh Thanks to the Internet Archive

Image: Apple Along with its duties of maintaining copies of important news, literature, scientific information, and old MySpace pages, the Internet Archive also loves to create emulations for you to fiddle with inside your browser. Today, the lovable non-profit organization has made it easy for you to relive the glory years of the early Macintosh […]

The Royal House Of Windsor SHOCKS with rare archive footage of Queen Elizabeth

The clip showed her majesty in 1947 playfully running around a ship in a game with officers. Exploring Britain’s crippling post-war austerity and the worst winter on record, a lovesick Princess Elizabeth and her ailing father, George VI, visited South Africa on a fraught royal tour. The 1947 BBC announcer could be heard to say: […]