The 15 wildest photos from an apocalyptic year in tech

Scott Mahaskey It’s been a wild year for tech, marked by scandal, political clashes, and bizarre product launches. From Mark Zuckerberg’s Congress grilling to the mass Google protests, some of the drama has been captured in candid detail on camera. Business Insider has compiled some of the wildest pictures from an apocalyptic year in tech. […]

The Stillness of the Wind returns to a lonely apocalyptic goat farm

Indie designer Coyan Cardenas is going back to the farm with The Stillness of the Wind, a sequel to his 2017 game, Where the Goats Are. Once more, it’s you and your animals in a lonely, dreamy landscape burnished with deep golds and reds. It has a larger scope, so Cardenas has teamed with publisher Surprise […]

Fimbul Lets You Fight Through Norse Mythology’s Apocalyptic Winter

Given a certain movie that released last year, you might be familiar with Ragnarok, the end-times of Norse Mythology, the apocalyptic battle that kills god and monster alike. But before the battle rages, winter comes, the titular fimbulwinter destined to wipe out life on earth. It’s during this raging final storm that Fimbul takes place, […]

Watch the trailer for Hulu’s apocalyptic cop drama ‘Hard Sun’

Hulu and the BBC have been cooking up a TV show this year, and they’re now ready to show their creation to the world. The two have released the first trailer for Hard Sun, a “pre-apocalyptic” cop drama. The six-episode series stars Agyness Deyn (Clash of the Titans) and Jim Sturgess (Cloud Atlas) as officers […]

Snr Russian diplomat warns of apocalyptic outcome of N. Korean crisis

Published time: 27 Nov, 2017 14:05 A Russian deputy foreign minister has said that the current nuclear-missile crisis on the Korean Peninsula could end in an “apocalyptic scenario” and called upon direct talks between Washington and Pyongyang to prevent that outcome. “To my regret, I have to say that there is an apocalyptic scenario for […]

‘Weapons of mass destruction:’ AI experts urge govts to ban ‘killer robots’ in apocalyptic message

Hundreds of artificial intelligence (AI) specialists from Austria and Canada urge their governments to “stand against weaponizing AI.” The experts warn that a lack of action in this field would allow machines – not people – to decide who lives or dies. Hundreds of members of the Austrian and Canadian AI communities signed open letters […]

Apocalyptic before-and-after photos show how wildfires are destroying parts of California’s wine country

AP Photo/Ben Margot Since late Sunday, a series of wildfires has torched more than 115,000 acres in Northern California. The situation is being called one of the worst firestorms in state history. On Tuesday, a clearer picture of the devastation began to come together. The blaze began on Sunday evening and strengthened as strong, dry winds pulled many separate fires across large swaths […]

‘It was all horrific’: Apocalyptic scenes from fatal Mexico quake (VIDEOS)

The number of people killed by the 8.2-magnitude quake that hit the southern coast of Mexico late Thursday has risen to at least 61, with witnesses saying they cannot remember an earthquake this terrible. Three days of mourning have been declared. WATCH MORE: ‘Strongest in 100yrs’: Mexico quake kills at least 61, many homes destroyed Mexican […]