Apex Legends Twitch Rivals STANDINGS and Tournament news

Apex Legends couldn’t have had a better start to life on PS4, Xbox One and PC. Not only has the new Battle Royale game built a solid fanbase but it’s also been expanding in other areas too. Apex Legends saw its first major eSports tournament kick off today, with the Twitch Rivals Challenge Championship receiving […]

Apex Legends server status: Respawn confirm PS4, Xbox and PC update

The dev team behind Apex Legends has confirmed that a new server update is being released today. The maintenance is scheduled to begin at around midnight in the UK and isn’t expected to impact playtime. Unlike in the past, today’s maintenance will not require Apex Legends servers to go offline on PS4, Xbox One and […]

PS4, Xbox AND Nintendo Switch treated to new games from Apex Legends developers?

It looks like Respawn Entertainment – the developers behind Apex Legends – is launching two new games this year. Both are expected to arrive on PS4 and Xbox One, but there are also growing hopes that a new game might reach Nintendo Switch too. It was recently announced by EA that Respawn is in charge […]

Titanfall 3 cancelled? Apex Legends dev gives PS4 and Xbox update

Titanfall 3 will not be the next game released by Respawn Entertainment, that much we can now be certain of. It was reported that a new instalment in the franchise was in development back in 2017 and was not linked to a Battle Royale formula. However, following the announcement of Apex Legends on PS4, Xbox […]

2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon Video Review | Apex predator

The first time I stepped behind the wheel of the 2018 Dodge Demon, I was pointed down a drag strip, Christmas tree just in view through my full-face helmet. My heart was racing with a mix of nervous anticipation and raw excitement. Since the teasers for this car started rolling out in January, I’d wanted […]

First Drive: 2018 Porsche 911 GT2 RS, the Apex Psychotropic

– When we first drove the Cayman GT4, we suggested that the lowliest motorsport-grade Porsche road car was basically a gateway drug, the sort of entry-level thrill that, as Reefer Madness warned our grandparents, would lead to more serious and expensive addictions. Now, nearly three years later, we’ve met the automotive narcotic that sits at […]

Where to stay and what to do in Bath: Thermae Spa, Apex Hotel and Thai Balcony restaurant

GETTY The city of Bath is one of the most picturesque across the whole of Britain It’s said that Bath is home to one of the best preserved Roman remains in the world: the Roman Baths. But the city is much more than simply the site of this stunning 70 AD construction. Every crooked paving […]

SteelSeries launches Apex M750 programmable keyboard with Discord integration

SteelSeries is launching its Apex M750 mechanical gaming keyboard for gamers who love to customize their gear with colorful lighting. It comes with new apps for lighting up your keyboard as well as using the Discord game chat application. It’s part of the company’s effort to attract the attention of game influencers and the esports […]

Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer: PS4 and Xbox One's new APEX mission revealed

The daily and weekly limited-time incursions allow fans to earn valuable funds to spend on equipment, characters and items. BioWare has put in place a higher difficulty standard for those wanting a bigger Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer challenge, as well as a new race to fight. “Platinum difficulty introduces the greatest challenge yet for APEX […]