Anti-immigrant Sweden Democrats party surges in polls amid EU’s Eurosceptic wave

The anti-immigration Sweden Democrats have gained ground in a recent poll, pulling almost even with the ruling Social Democrats, ahead of an election in September. Similar parties have won recent elections in Slovenia and Italy. The poll, conducted for Sweden’s Expressen newspaper and published Monday, has put the Sweden Democrats in second place, with 21 […]

Anti-immigrant PEGIDA celebrates 3rd anniversary confronted by counter-protest in Dresden (VIDEOS)

Around 2,800 far-right PEGIDA activists gathered in the German city of Dresden to mark the group’s third anniversary. They were met by counter-demonstration of liberal activists who gathered under the motto “Dresden without racism.” Bad weather prevented thousands of people attending PEGIDA’s ( Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the West) celebration. Instead of the […]

Clashes in Quebec as protesters block far right anti-immigrant demo (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 21 Aug, 2017 19:51 Anti-fascist protesters against an anti-illegal immigration rally by far right group La Meute (The Wolf Pack) in Quebec City pelted police, who were attempting to keep the two groups from fighting with fireworks, beer bottles and smoke bombs Sunday. Over 200 members of the far-right group attended the rally […]

One chart reveals everything that’s wrong with Trump’s anti-immigrant outcry

President Donald Trump is not exactly known for consistent policy positions, but two of his most prominent goals are working against each other. They are his promise to push economic growth toward the 4% mark while at the same time cracking down harshly on immigration. On Wednesday, Trump said he backed new legislation that would […]

Trump’s Anti-Immigrant Policies Are Scaring Eligible Families Away From the Safety Net

NEW YORK CITY—As the evening rush hour peaked, Blanca Palomeque stationed herself by the carts selling roasted corn, tamales, and ice cream at the exit to the 90th Street-Elmhurst Avenue subway stop in Queens. She spotted a woman pushing a baby in a pink stroller and tugging along two school-aged girls with pigtails. “Excuse me, […]