Weight of History: 65yo ‘fascist’ suffers leg break attempting to vandalize anti-fascist monument

In a glorious example of swift justice, a 65-year-old man has been hospitalized after a botched attempt to topple a monument of Yugoslav anti-fascist martyr Rade Končar caused the statue to fall on him and break his leg. The shattered limb isn’t the only punishment the man will receive for the act of “savage vandalism,” […]

11 hospitalized as rival right-wing & anti-fascist protests face off in Chemnitz, Germany (VIDEOS)

Eleven people have been taken to hospital in the wake of a right-wing demonstration and an anti-fascist counter-protest in the eastern German city of Chemnitz, where a fatal stabbing sparked a wave of rallies. [embedded content] Tensions were running high in Chemnitz with sporadic clashes being reported between the participants of two rival marches that […]

Italian police violently disperse anti-fascist protesters in Modena (VIDEO)

Published time: 16 Dec, 2017 16:07 Italian police have clashed with anti-fascist protesters who sought to disrupt a rally organized by far-right groups in the Italian town of Modena. A Ruptly video shows the officers beating demonstrators lying on the ground. The incident took place on Friday evening. A local far-right group called ‘Defend Modena’ […]

Guillermo del Toro Teases Antifascist ‘Pinocchio,’ First ‘The Shape of Water’ Clip Revealed

Guillermo del Toro has a tendency to juggle several passion projects before some of them make it to the theater after an excruciating wait, and others fall by the wayside. (RIP Hellboy 3.) But with his newest film The Shape of Water receiving rave reviews at the Venice Film Festival this week and coming to theaters later this year, […]

Anti-fascist & far-right groups plan simultaneous Barcelona protests

Published time: 18 Aug, 2017 14:16 Just one day after an attack claimed at least 14 lives on Barcelona’s Las Ramblas boulevard, opposin Members of the Spanish far-right group La Falange, are planning to assemble close to the La Boquería marketplace in the city center, just 500 meters from where a van was deliberately driven […]

Trump supporter tricks anti-fascist demonstrators into applauding Hitler quotes (VIDEO)

A Trump supporter posing as a protester managed to trick anti-fascist demonstrators in Chicago into applauding a speech riddled with quotes from Adolf Hitler. The trickster is aiming to take his “troll campaign” to other cities as well. When anti-Trump protesters gathered for the ‘Impeach Trump March’ in Chicago earlier this month, the scene was […]

Tense stand-off in London as police separate far-right & anti-fascist protesters (LIVE VIDEO)

Published time: 1 Apr, 2017 12:19Edited time: 1 Apr, 2017 13:04 Scuffles have broken out between police and protesters at an anti-Islamic terrorism rally and anti-fascist counter demonstrations in central London. London police struggled to contain the crowd that gathered near Trafalgar Square to hold an anti-Islamic terrorism demonstration, ten days after the Westminster attack […]

Italian anti-fascist protesters clash with police outside far-right gathering (VIDEO)

Anti-fascist demonstrators clashed with police outside of a far-right memorial assembly in Milan, Italy on Monday. The protesters tried to make their way to the location of the gathering, but were repelled by police in riot gear. Protesters from the Antifa network shouted “Milan is against fascism and racism!” as they stood face to face […]