UK airports spending millions on military-grade anti-drone tech after Christmas chaos at Gatwick

Gatwick and Heathrow airports have ordered “military-grade anti-drone equipment” worth millions of pounds in a bid to prevent a re-run of the massive disruption caused after suspected drone sightings during Christmas week. The airports saw fit to acquire the cutting-edge anti-drone systems after the British armed forces finally withdrew their detection capabilities from Gatwick this […]

Chinese police debut new anti-drone gun that shoots illegal UAVs from the sky

Published time: 18 Mar, 2017 01:56 Police in China have debuted their new high-tech anti-drone gun that electronically shoots illegal devices out of the sky — and they’ve put in an order for many more. Officers from the central Chinese city of Wuhan debuted their expensive new toy, which uses radio-interfering signals to safely take […]