Key antidepressant ingredient contributing to antibiotic-resistant superbug

Scientists have discovered a key ingredient in the most widely used antidepressants may be contributing to the antibiotic resistant superbug that has spread through hospitals across the world. Bacteria has become increasingly resistant to antibiotics in recent years, which is generally thought to be down to overusing of the drugs. However, it seems other medications […]

Mother says antidepressant drugs turned her son into a 'psychotic killer'

YOUTUBE/FACEBOOK Leonie Fennell, mother of Shane Clancy, says she is convinced antidepressant drugs made him kill Shane Clancy a 22-year-old final year theology student at Trinity University, had “never harmed anyone” when he went on the deadly spree, 17 days after being prescribed the drugs. He then killed himself. Leonie Fennell, 52, researcher in healthcare […]