ITV Good Morning Britain: 'Do you have answers?' Garraway and Farage in heated Brexit row

Nigel Farage appeared on Good Morning Britain today alongside Garraway and Jeremy Kyle to discuss his decision to return to the public eye with a Brexit campaign group. But when Garraway pressed the businessman for answers, the pair came to blows. Farage began the discussion to explain how dissatisfied he was with how Brexit procedures […]

Uber Drivers Ask 'Where Are The Answers?' In Shitshow Q&A

Photo: AP Say you’re Uber. You’ve just had a month drenched in bad PR, and over 200,000 people recently ditched your service. What do you do? Continue the trend of bad PR, duh. The ride-hailing company on Thursday held a public question-and-answer session with Uber President Jeff Jones, ostensibly for drivers to ask questions. It […]