Fortnite news: Android release date, 4.4 update reveal, Week 8 Challenges

Fortnite news this month has been dominated by new content and cosmetic items released by Epic Games in their newest updates. A new patch is being released tomorrow, June 19, that looks set to introduce a deadly new item to the game’s roster. This will be followed by the new Week 8 Challenges, which will […]

PUBG Mobile servers DOWN: New Tencent update news for iOS and Android

Fans have confirmed that Tencent have brought the PUBG Mobile servers down tonight so that they can perform scheduled maintenance. A notice can now be found for gamers who try to log in tonight, confirming that downtime will be ongoing for sometime. Maintenance has now started and it appears that it will last another six […]

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile LIVE, Android update coming soon to Google Play Store

Having teased its release earlier this year, War Drum Studios’ handheld port is now available to download. There are no restrictions between iOS and Android, although there are some issues stopping people playing. ARK Survival Evolved Mobile on Android has a list of issues that have stopped many from accessing the full experience today. While […]

Fortnite Blockbuster skin LEAKED: Battle Royale’s extra-terrestrial android reward coming

The most dedicated Fortnite Battle Royale players will soon be given a unique reward, following the release of the week 7 challenges. The Fortnite Blockbuster skin will be made available to all players who have completed every challenge up until this point. It’s the ultimate bragging rights for those players who have been trying their […]

Fortnite Android Download release warning: Mobile news ahead of big launch date

Epic Game has seen Fortnite Battle Royale grow to become one of the biggest games in the world. It’s also currently one of the most profitable games to be available on such a wide variety of platforms. And hopes are high that this week will see a few more platforms get some big news. The […]

Lenovo Z5 REVEALED – but it’s NOT the Android smartphone you were hoping

The Hong Kong-based tech giant have today revealed the Lenovo Z5 at an event in Beijing. In the run up to the big reveal fans were sent into overdrive with teases looking like the Lenovo Z5 could be the first ever all-screen phone. Close up teases of the Lenovo Z5 seemed to show a bezel-less […]

Google’s AR drawing app lets Android and iOS users collab on doodles

You no longer need an Android phone to try Google’s take on augmented reality drawing. The tech giant has released an iOS version of Just a Line that brings the same three-dimensional doodling to the iPhone crowd. It’s largely the same app you saw in March, but there’s a clever cross-platform twist: you can “partner” […]

This $530 Android phone is half the price of an iPhone X and just as good

You might not have heard of the OnePlus 6 phone, but it’s one of the best and most affordable smartphones on the market. It’s extremely fast, has facial recognition, high-speed charging, and plenty of storage. Following is a transcript of the video.  Antonio Villas-Boas: This is one of the best phones that you’ve probably haven’t heard […]

Pioneer’s in-dash unit supports both Android Auto Wireless and CarPlay

Android Auto Wireless promises to make vehicle smartphone connections less of a futz, provided you have both a phone and infotainment system that supports it. Google is handling the first part, and Pioneer just announced that it has joined JVCKenwood in offering in-dash receivers with the tech. The three models (the AVIC-W8400NEX, -W6400NEX and -W4400NEX) […]

The father of Android has reportedly cancelled his next big smartphone and might sell the company after raising $300 million (GOOG, AAPL)

Essential — the startup founded by Android creator Andy Rubin — plans to sell itself, according to a new Bloomberg report.  The hardware company released its first product, the Essential Phone, last year. But plans have now been scrapped to release a second device.  Essential has raised $ 300 million to date and has been […]