Grey's Anatomy Recap: Bad Medicine — Plus, Is Alex Nurse Olivia's Babydaddy?

Pills don’t come much bitterer than the cure prescribed for what ailed Grey Sloan in Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy — in other words, the Harper Avery scandal. And, as the hospital’s powers that be grappled with ways to keep it off the critical list, Alex suffered a (metaphorical) heart attack when former fling Nurse Olivia returned […]

Ellen Pompeo Warns Grey’s Anatomy Season Finale Is 'Not Easy'

Well, this sounds… ominous. During an informal Twitter Q&A on Tuesday, Grey’s Anatomy leading lady Ellen Pompeo dropped a super-crytpic clue about the ABC drama’s Season 14 finale, which will mark the end of the road for longtime cast members Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew. RELATED

Grey's Anatomy Mystery: Why Was Alex and Jo's Engagement Party Cut?

It remains unclear if Alex and Jo will finally tie the knot before Grey’s Anatomy’s current season wraps, but this much we know for sure: The star-crossed lovers were at the very least supposed to have an engagement party.  The festive sequence in question — photos from which made their way onto the Internet early […]

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Heart Condition

Looks like Meredith’s back massager might be due for a break. Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy introduced Animal Kingdom’s Scott Speedman as a new love interest for our widowed heroine. His Dr. Mars was brilliant (he called himself a “world-class” transplant surgeon), charming (he was joking when he said it) and as handsome as Scott Speedman. The […]

Grey's Anatomy Can't, or at Least It Shouldn't, Kill Off April — Here's Why

To be clear, no one has said that Grey’s Anatomy is sending April from the ER to the morgue when Season 14 wraps up Sarah Drew’s run on the ABC drama. To also be clear, the series that’s done in everyone from Derek to Lexie most definitely should not add Kepner to its list of […]

'Alien' mummies from Peru have human chromosome numbers, but not anatomy – scientists

Russian researchers have analyzed tissue samples from one of the mysterious alien creatures uncovered in Peru last year. The mummy, with an elongated skull and only three fingers, has excited ufologists since its discovery. Preliminary analysis of the tissue samples revealed that the mummy, found in a tomb near the Nazca lines of Peru and […]

Grey's Anatomy Recap: Game On

The minute Amelia declared, “I miss sex!” in the promos for Thursday’s Grey’s Anatomy, we all assumed that somebody was gonna be getting it on, right? That made the only question, which twosome? The commercial made it look like it was going to be Amelia and her ex, Owen — which, being too obvious, made […]

Grey's Anatomy Exit Strategies: 5 Ways April Could Scrub Out for the Last Time

As the shock of Sarah Drew‘s dismissal from Grey’s Anatomy slowly (so slowly) has begun to slightly (so slightly) wear off, we’ve begun wondering how the ABC drama can possibly do justice to April Kepner on her way out. Can it even be done? A few potential exit scenarios: RELATEDJessica Capshaw on Grey’s Anatomy Exit: […]

Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Shocker: Jessica Capshaw, Sarah Drew to Exit

Grey’s Anatomy is thinning its sizable cast: Jessica Capshaw and Sarah Drew will depart the ABC drama at the end of Season 14. According to Deadline, the pair are being let go for creative reasons. Capshaw has played Dr. Arizona Robbins for a decade, while Drew — aka Dr. April Kepner — has been on the […]