‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Trailer: Real-Life Americans Confess to Javier Bardem in ‘To the Wonder’ Spin-Off

Terrence Malick is a singular director. Not just in his exploration of the metaphysical through surreal imagery and meditative voiceover, but in his filming style. Malik will often shoot hours of footage with no grand plan in mind, only “finding” the film in the edit bay. As a result, countless actors and plot lines end up […]

‘We’re always told to prove ourselves as Americans’: Muslim blogger grilled on US TV, tells RT

After an Iranian-American fashion blogger was grilled on live TV about her heritage, she fired back with a biting critique of the US. She told RT what her interview reveals about attitudes towards Muslims in the West. Hoda Katebi, 23, was originally asked to come onto Chicago’s WGN News live morning show to talk about […]

POLL: Most Americans would believe the FBI over Trump

A Marist College poll found that 66% of people surveyed believe the FBI over President Donald Trump. A majority of respondents also said they believe special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 election to be fair. The findings come amid Republicans’ claims of corruption and bias against Trump at the FBI […]

Americans are buying lots of orange juice to fight off colds and the flu — but it’s the biggest con of your life

  Growing up, I cherished the lazy Saturday morning when I could eat breakfast in my pajamas and watch cartoons. Back then, it seemed every cereal ad included the phrase “Part of a complete breakfast!” — a meal made up of cereal, milk, and orange juice. But orange juice shouldn’t be part of a complete […]

Terrified Americans are rushing out to buy orange juice after abandoning the drink for years

Shutterstock/DenRz Orange juice sales increased for the first time in nearly five years in January.  The spike in sales can be attributed to an especially brutal flu season, The Wall Street Journal reported.  Orange juice has gone from being perceived as a “healthy” drink to being seen as a con by many Americans, due to […]

The health of more than 25 million Americans is on the line as the next congressional showdown approaches

AP Funding for community health centers that provide healthcare for more than 25 million Americans is in jeopardy. The Community Health Center Fund, which provides 70% of the funding to the centers, expired September 30. A plan to restore funding is likely going to be attached to the legislation fought over during the next government-shutdown […]

Most Americans wary of self-driving cars in Reuters/Ipsos poll

Two-thirds of Americans are uncomfortable about the idea of riding in self-driving cars, according to a Reuters/Ipsos opinion poll, underscoring one of many challenges for companies spending billions of dollars on the development of autonomous vehicles. While 27 percent of respondents said they would feel comfortable riding in a self-driving car, poll data indicated that […]