The Americans Recap: Elizabeth Gets a Peek Behind the Iron Curtain

Need to catch up? Check out our previous The Americans recap here. Six seasons in, The Americans‘ resident hard-liner Elizabeth Jennings is finally starting to have doubts about her homeland. But is it too late to stop now? She explodes on Philip when he confesses that he’s been reporting back to Oleg about her missions […]

The Americans Recap: Hands Off

Need to catch up? Check out our previous The Americans recap here. The walls are rapidly closing in on Philip and Elizabeth as The Americans edges towards its endgame. Will they even get out of this final season with all of their body parts intact? After dumping Henry on Stan — and enduring an incredibly […]

Meet the last 3 Americans detained by North Korea, who were just released

Ahn Young-joon/AP The Trump administration just secured the release of the last three American detainees in North Korea, President Donald Trump announced via Twitter on Wednesday.  Pyongyang seemingly agreed to their release in relation to an impending summit between North Korean leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump regarding the rogue state’s nuclear […]

Trump’s approval ratings get a positive bump as more Americans believe his approach to North Korea is working

Brynn Anderson/AP President Donald Trump’s approach in handling North Korea may be alleviating worries of a potential conflict. Fifty-one percent of Americans approve of Trump’s approach to the regime, up nine points from March and 17 points from January. Despite the historical circumstance of the planned meeting between Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong […]

Americans received a record-breaking 3.4 billion robocalls last month — here are some ways to stop them

In April alone, Americans received an estimated 3.4 billion scam calls from automated machines — more than any month on record, according to The New York Times. The spike didn’t come out of nowhere. That number was about 2.5 billion in the same month last year, and consumer advocates worry that the number will only continue […]

The Americans Recap: Cold Turkey

Need to catch up? Check out our previous The Americans recap here. The Americans celebrated an unseasonably chilly Thanksgiving this week… but did we witness a thaw in Philip and Elizabeth’s cold war? Things start out very ugly when Philip confronts Elizabeth about killing Gennadi and Sofia in front of Ilya — she insists she […]

The Americans Recap: Duty Calls

Need to catch up? Check out our previous The Americans recap here. Elizabeth and Philip both did things they really didn’t want to do this week on The Americans — but patriotism is a helluva drug. Elizabeth and her team are trailing Stan and his courier Gennadi, who’s holed up in a separate safe house […]

‘Not only Pompeo thinks US is exceptional, this is the air Americans breathe’ – Peter Kuznick

We’ve already heard about US exceptionalism from Albright, Obama, and Clinton, but we are no longer in the 1990s, we are in a multipolar world, says Peter Kuznick, professor of history at American University. Donald Trump’s new pick for America’s top diplomat, Mike Pompeo, has gone through the required Senate grilling while outlining his view […]

The US Surgeon General has issued a rare health advisory telling Americans to carry a lifesaving overdose medication — here’s how to use it

Shutterstock We asked a former paramedic what it’s like to administer naloxone, the lifesaving drug overdose reversal medication that the US Surgeon General recently advised friends and family members of people at risk for drug overdose to carry. The drug can be administered as a nasal spray or a shot that’s injected into the muscle […]