Is the Cure for Alzheimer's Hiding Inside Us? She Thinks So

Annelise Barron sits patiently at a small table in Stanford University’s Coupa Cafe, as freshly caffeinated college students mill around her. Thick stacks of paper sit close by — printouts of her recent studies on the body’s immune system. A small sticker adorns her laptop, reading “Bitcoin: because fuck banks.” It’s a hint at the […]

Alzheimer's: Elderly warned of the dangers in taking those daytime naps

US scientists found those with disturbed night-time sleep patterns, leading to daytime snoozing, were more likely to have the first traces of the disease – and they occur much earlier than thought. Researchers said it was unclear if disturbed sleep put people at risk of Alzheimer’s or if disease-related brain changes caused disrupted sleep rhythms. […]

Healthy lifestyle and exercise key to staving off alzheimer's, study finds

GETTY A healthy lifestyle and regular exercise are key elements to battling alzheimer’s And it is never too late to start, say researchers who found that physical activity helps stimulate blood circulation in areas at risk in the front of the brain. “We understand that living with dementia poses many challenges to individuals and their […]

Dementia symptoms: FOUR early signs of Alzheimer's to spot in relatives this Christmas

Dementia currently affects 850,000 people in the UK, and this is set to increase to a million by 2025. Quick diagnosis means that appropriate treatment can be given sooner to stop or slow the rate of further decline. However, it can be easy to miss the early signs if you don’t see elderly relatives that […]

Alzheimer's BREAKTHROUGH: Wonder drug moves step closer after undergoing human trials

Researchers have found the drug, which destroys the tau proteins that kill neurons in the brain, can dramatically slow mental decline in just nine months.  And in some patients the rate of decline returned to that seen in elderly people with healthy brains, said scientists.  The international study of 800 participants found a 4mg pill, […]

Can you predict Alzheimer's disease? Scientists make astonishing new dementia discovery

Potential Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s patients could be found early by tracking strings of amino acids in the brain, a US study has revealed. The amino acids – a peptide known as DAG – are used to find inflammation in the brain, which can lead to plaques – a hallmark of Alzheimer’s disease, the scientists said. […]

Eating mushrooms could STOP Alzheimer's disease – scientific study reveals INCREDIBLE fact

GETTY Anti-ageing diet: Mushrooms could help fight conditions such as dementia, cancer and heart disease The secret to slowing – or even preventing – ageing and, in turn, delaying the onset of Alzheimer’s disease, could lie in the humble mushroom, say scientists. A study by Penn State has revealed the popular edible fungi contains unusually […]

Alzheimer's patients can regain independence thanks to DOGS, experts say

Not only is it common knowledge that our four-legged friends can help to lower blood pressure and stress levels but they can also boost that all-important feel-good chemical serotonin.  Then there are guide dogs who have transformed the lives of blind people plus therapy pets used to visit the sick and injured in hospitals and […]

Alzheimer's news: Neurodegenerative disease 'could originate OUTSIDE the brain'

Scientists believe a rogue protein strongly linked to the disorder may appear elsewhere in the body before breaking through the brain’s natural defences. If the theory is right, it could have huge implications for diagnosing and treating the disease. New therapies could target the amyloid-beta protein and clear it from the body before it spreads […]

Dementia symptoms warning: THIS early sign of Alzheimer's linked to higher death risk

Researchers are calling for a change in how a major dementia symptom is treated. Scientists from the University of Exeter have found that current treatment for psychosis – experienced by the majority of Alzheimer’s disease sufferers – is causing thousands of unnecessary deaths. Psychosis is a mental health condition where people perceive or interpret things […]