The company behind one of the biggest video games in the world was just slammed with a lawsuit alleging its ‘bro-culture’ created a sexist workplace where women were rated on their ‘hotness,’ told that ‘no doesn’t necessarily mean no,’ and shown unsolicited photos of male genitalia

Riot Games The “League of Legends” developer Riot Games is facing a class-action lawsuit claiming the company harbored a sexist work environment with women suffering from unequal pay and regular harassment. Reports detailing the company’s “bro culture” surfaced in August, leading Riot to issue an apology to current and past employees. The two women who […]

EU investigating German automakers, alleging collusion on emissions tech

Enlarge / A hose for an emission test is fixed in the exhaust pipe of a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 liter diesel car at the Technical Inspection Agency in Ludwigsburg, southwestern Germany, on August 7, 2017. (Photo by THOMAS KIENZLE / AFP) (credit: Getty Images) The European Commission said on Tuesday that it is opening an […]

The ex-Tesla employee Elon Musk called a ‘horrible human being’ just slapped the company with a countersuit alleging defamation

Business Insider On Tuesday Martin Tripp, a former employee at Tesla’s Gigafactory, filed a countersuit against the company. He alleges that Tesla is not living up to its mission to improve the environment, and instead is generating “large quantities of waste and ‘scrap’ vehicle parts lying haphazardly on the ground inside the Gigafactory.” Tesla sued […]

Tesla CEO Elon Musk emails staff alleging employee ‘sabotage’

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Charter fails to defeat lawsuit alleging false Internet speed promises

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Steven Puetzer) Charter Communications cannot use the federal net neutrality repeal to avoid a lawsuit over slow Internet speeds in New York, the state’s Supreme Court ruled today. The lawsuit was filed by New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman against Charter and its Time Warner Cable (TWC) subsidiary in February […]

Zenefits founder Parker Conrad will pay $500,000 to settle SEC charges alleging he misled investors

Zenefits The SEC announced on Thursday that it reached a settlement with Parker Conrad, founder of Zenefits, over allegations that the company lied to investors about if employees were properly licensed to sell insurance. Conrad is personally on the hook to pay over half a million in fines. The SEC also settled with Zenefits, which will […]

Tesla faces labor board complaint alleging interference with unionization

Enlarge / A Tesla Model S electric car sits in the Tesla Motors Inc. auto plant, formerly operated by New United Motor Manufacturing Inc. (NUMMI), in Fremont, California, on Wednesday, October 27, 2010. (credit: Tony Avelar/ Bloomberg/Getty Images) On Thursday evening, a federal labor board filed a complaint against Tesla (PDF), alleging that the electric vehicle […]

BuzzFeed Releases Chilling Accounts Alleging R. Kelly’s Running an Abusive Sexual “Cult”

BuzzFeed News has shared a chilling investigation into the lives of numerous women living on R. Kelly’s Atlanta and Trump Tower, Chicago properties. Beyond detailing the ways in which the musician (with a famed history of allegations of sexual misconduct) allegedly controls every facet of their lives, imposing lifestyle rules that apply to eating and […]