Transgender model who claimed ‘all white people are racist' is Labour’s new equality adviser

A transgender model who branded white people “racist” has been chosen as Labour’s new equalities adviser. The party, led by Jeremy Corbyn, has selected Munroe Bergdorf to work with its LGBT+ advisory group. The 30-year-old model, from east London, revealed the news on Twitter. Posing next to Corbyn, she wrote: “Thrilled to announce that I’ve […]

The head of the Coast Guard says Russia has ‘all the pieces on the chessboard’ in the Arctic — but the US has ‘only got a couple of pawns’

Interest is growing in the Arctic as receding ice makes the region more accessible. Military officials and policymakers have sounded the alarm about gaps between the capabilities of the US and other major powers in the region — Russia in particular. The relationship going forward may depend on which issues the US and Russia are […]

‘It was Moscow’s victory, after all’: At least 6 Putin-allied Russians reportedly attended Trump’s inaugural celebrations

Thomson Reuters The Washington Post identified at least six politically influential Russians who attended President Donald Trump’s inaugural celebrations last year. Lobbyists Natalia Veselnitskaya and Rinat Akhmetshin attended the festivities, as did gun rights activist Maria Butina, who used to serve as an assistant to Russian banker Alexander Torshin.  Veselnitskaya, Akhmetshin, and Torshin are all […]

UPDATE: Mark Wahlberg Donating ‘All the Money’ Reshoots Paycheck to #TimesUp Legal Fund

UPDATE: The controversy behind this pay discrepancy has come to an end with Mark Wahlberg doing the right thing. Read the full update at the end of our story. As the pay gap debate continues to gain steam in the wake of news that Michelle Williams was paid less than 1% of Mark Wahlberg‘s paycheck […]

Mark Wahlberg reportedly refused to work on the ‘All the Money in the World’ reshoots unless he got paid more than $1 million dollars

Sony According to a USA Today report, Mark Wahlberg refused to reshoot his scenes in “All the Money in the World” unless he got paid over a million dollars for the work.  Actor Christopher Plummer was hired to replace Kevin Spacey after allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced a month before the film’s release.  Wahlberg was […]

Mark Wahlberg Was Paid Well for ‘All The Money’ Reshoots While Michelle Williams Was Shortchanged

Ridley Scott recently made headlines when he decided to reshoot Kevin Spacey’s scenes in All The Money In The World with Christopher Plummer – a decision that required co-stars Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Williams to come back for said reshoots. Reports now indicate that while Wahlberg received a hefty sum of money to film his reshoots, […]

‘We’re rich as hell and we don’t need it all’ — Gregg Popovich eloquently explains why it’s important for the wealthy to make charitable donations

Jason Miller/Getty The San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich is known for his charitable giving, including work with organizations such as Shoes that Fit and the Innocence Project. On Tuesday, Popovich was speaking about his charitable giving, and succinctly and eloquently summed up his view on the matter. The San Antonio Spurs head coach Gregg […]

‘All the Money in the World’ Screenwriter on His Role in Those Reshoots [Interview]

When Ridley Scott decided to replace Kevin Spacey in All the Money in the World, it wasn’t simply a matter of hiring Christopher Plummer. Actors had to return for quick reshoots, and screenwriter David Scarpa had to make sure the script pages were ready for Plummer. Plummer now assumes the role of J. Paul Getty. […]