Meet 20-year-old Tenshin Nasukawa, Floyd Mayweather’s next opponent who loves anime, aliens, and Harry Potter

Reuters Tenshin Nasukawa may well be the most interesting 20-year-old in combat sports. Last week, Nasukawa was a relatively obscure fighter, globally-speaking. Though he is a rising star in Japanese mixed martial arts, he competes in the Rizin Fighting Federation, a promotion that is only three years old and receives little press in the US […]

Manifest Stars Tease Central Mystery ('It Could Be Aliens… '), Promise NBC Thriller 'Definitely' Has a Grand Plan

The mystery of Montego Air Flight 828 may or may not involve little green men (and women). Last month at San Diego Comic-Con, Josh Dallas and Melissa Roxburgh, the stars of NBC’s new thriller Manifest, did not rule out an extraterrestrial-related culprit behind the mythological puzzle. (To quickly recap: Flight 828 disappears from radar shortly […]

A years-old, one-letter typo led to Aliens: Colonial Marines‘ weird AI

Enlarge / Want Aliens: Colonial Marines to better resemble this ‘shopped image? Just remove one letter! (credit: Gearbox / Sega) History may never be kind to Aliens: Colonial Marines, but the present tense isn’t looking so good for the lawsuit– and complaint-ridden Gearbox game, either. This week brought to our attention one of the weirdest […]

Did a single typo screw up the AI in ‘Aliens: Colonial Marines’?

In case you need help selecting an old game to spend the weekend with, it might be a good time to revisit 2013’s Aliens: Colonial Marines. In a one-star review written when it was released, Xav de Matos called out the game’s AI as a problem and said: “Enemy encounters feature stunningly moronic xenomorphs that […]

Elon Musk says a new study about aliens gives humans even more reason to colonize other planets

Shayanne Gal/Business Insider Elon Musk says we need to colonize space because we may be the only intelligent civilization. His comments were inspired by a draft study from Oxford University researchers that looks at the Drake equation — a formula that explores the possibility of other intelligent alien life in our galaxy. The research suggests […]

+iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens) Tests Players’ Puzzle Solving Abilities

If you enjoy a good, quick brain teaser, then you might be alien enough to get through the puzzles presented in +iQeI/Q (This Game Is For Aliens). Going from a quiet home to being surrounded by creatures that do not speak your language, you’ll be forced to go through a series of challenging puzzles to […]

Google Maps proof of aliens? Mystery in Antarctica believed to be crash landing

Google Maps Street View was created in 2007 to allow people to view the world from their computer. It has captured beautiful landmarks and confusing images across the globe. Alien-enthusiasts also use Google Maps in an attempt to find evidence that extra-terrestrial lifeforms exist. A new sighting in Antarctica is believed to have been discovered. […]