Twitter says it will not ban Alex Jones and Infowars accounts

The Twitter accounts of Alex Jones and his show Infowars have not been suspended because the conspiracy theorist hasn’t violated the rules of the social network service, company CEO has explained. “We didn’t suspend Alex Jones or Infowars yesterday. We know that’s hard for many but the reason is simple: he hasn’t violated our rules,” […]

Facebook bans Alex Jones and InfoWars pages

Facebook has removed four pages from conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, saying that the channels “repeatedly” violated its hate speech and bullying policies. Last week, Facebook removed four videos from the channels and suspended the controversial radio personality for 30 days. However, today it wrote that since the earlier action didn’t seemed to deter Jones, it […]

Apple, Facebook, and Spotify yank Alex Jones’ Infowars for hate speech

Having previously offered international platforms to fringe conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and his website Infowars, tech companies Apple, Facebook and Spotify each took steps to block access to their content late yesterday, reports Buzzfeed News. The companies each said that Jones’ content was pulled for containing “hate speech.”…Read More

Op-ed: Alex Jones is a crackpot—but banning him from Facebook might be a bad idea

Enlarge / Alex Jones (credit: Oli Scarff/Getty Images) Facebook and YouTube both have strict rules against posting content that is hateful, pornographic, or violates someone’s privacy. But what if someone posts content that is just egregiously false? Right now, neither Facebook nor YouTube have rules banning this kind of content. And critics say that’s a […]

Spotify removes some Alex Jones podcast episodes for “hate content”

Enlarge / Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. (credit: Sean P. Anderson / Wikimedia Commons) Spotify has removed episodes of InfoWars host Alex Jones’ podcast from its streaming service, according to multiple reports. The music streaming company deleted an unspecified number of The Alex Jones Show episodes for violating its hate content policy. “We take reports of […]

Alex Jones is trying to get the Sandy Hook parents’ defamation lawsuit against him thrown out

Screenshot/InfoWars Alex Jones’s lawyers were due to ask a Texas court on Wednesday to dismiss a lawsuit against him and his InfoWars website filed by parents of two children killed in the 2012 Sandy Hook massacre who accused him of slander. Jones used his media platform to call the mass shooting at an elementary school […]

Alex Winter Downplays ‘Bill and Ted 3’ Production Worries from Keanu Reeves [TCA 2018]

Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter have been talking about doing Bill and Ted 3 for years. It finally seemed like a go when director Dean Parisot signed on and the film, titled Bill and Ted Face the Music, was greenlit for production. Then last week Reeves said he didn’t know if it would become a […]

YouTube comes down on Alex Jones for hate speech, child endangerment content

Enlarge / Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones. (credit: Sean P. Anderson / Wikimedia Commons) YouTube issued a strike to the channel of radio host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones this week after some of his videos were found to have violated YouTube community guidelines. According to a report by The Verge, YouTube removed four videos from […]


This was a notable and worrying example of Ofcom’s orchestration of the media in this matter by publicizing without notice to RT the provisional findings for its decision in this case, in a statement made on April 18. This was before it had heard, let alone had time to consider, RT’s representations on its preliminary […]

Alex Beresford, style secrets from the Good Morning Britain weather presenter

Tessa Hallmann On screen, Alex likes to dress smart but off screen he prefers to be casual. How would you describe your style? On screen, smart in a suit. Off TV, casual in tracksuits – I like to feel comfortable and chilled out. Which colours suit you best? Pink, pale blue, purple, beige and sandy […]