Lawmakers want to expand AMBER Alerts to US territories

Two US lawmakers have introduced legislation that would help expand the AMBER Alert system to all territories, which include American Samoa, Guam, the Northern Marianas Islands, Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands. Established nationally in 2003, the system sends alerts over TV, radio, digital billboards and cellphones and has helped find more than 900 […]

Twitter alerts users: Please change your passwords, we’ve seen them

(credit: Twitter) Today, Twitter issued an alert to users prompting them to change their passwords after the discovery that some users’ passwords had been recorded in plain text in a log file accessible only by Twitter employees. In a message pushed to most Twitter users, the company stated: We recently identified a bug that stored […]

LTE security holes could lead to fake emergency alerts

Vulnerabilities in cellular network technology definitely aren’t things of the past. Researchers at Purdue and the University of Iowa have outlined exploits in LTE protocols that would let intruders conduct ten serious attacks, including spying on calls and text messages, tracking locations, knocking devices offline and even faking emergency alerts. Intuders can take advantage of […]

US Senators want to give feds sole power to issue missile alerts

US senator Brian Schatz of Hawaii announced back in January that he wants take the responsibility of sending missile alerts away from state and local governments. Now he and fellow Senators Kamala Harris and Cory Gardner have introduced a legislation that would give feds the sole authority to send out missile threat notifications. Under the […]

Instagram has launched alerts to warn users of the cruelty and exploitation behind ‘cute’ animal photos and selfies

Flickr/Sunil Singh Instagram now alerts users to the potential animal abuse going on behind nature snaps. The alert is triggered when users search for photos of popular hands-on animal experiences, including koala cuddling and swimming with dolphins. Instagram hopes to make users think twice about what’s going on behind the picture. Vacation snaps featuring cuddly […]

Bali airport flights status LIVE: Latest airport updates, travel alerts departures

Mount Agung Bali volcano has erupted, and is likely to erupt again at any moment – with ash currently being hurled 9.800 feet into the air. Indonesian authorities have raised the volcano’s alert to the highest level and expanded the danger zone to six miles. Flights and travel are affected, with major airlines grounding planes […]

Asthma UK bonfire night WARNING: Charity alerts public to ‘potentially fatal’ attacks

BONFIRE NIGHT could cause asthma patients to suffer “potentially fatal” asthma attacks, sufferers have been warned. Asthma UK has issued a warning that smoke fumes and burning wood could form a deadly asthmatic combination. Daily Express :: Health Feed