Heineken is betting on a brew made with marijuana instead of alcohol, and it could give a boost to the struggling beer industry

Erin Brodwin / Business Insider Heineken’s new brew, from California beer brand Lagunitas, is made with marijuana instead of alcohol. Hi-Fi Hops is currently only available in a select number of dispensaries in California, where cannabis is legal. It’s part of a growing trend of established companies diving into the marijuana industry. Lagunitas, Heineken’s fast-growing […]

Ryanair calls for airports to BAN morning alcohol sales and limit drinks per passenger

Ryanair has called for a two-drink limit for passengers and a ban on alcohol sales in airports before 10am to prevent inebriated behaviour on board their aircraft. The rallying cry comes after three passengers on a flight from Dublin to Ibiza on Saturday became highly disruptive and the plane had to be diverted over safety […]

Anheuser-Busch pulls millions from controversial NIH alcohol study

Enlarge Beer giant Anheuser-Busch InBev is pulling millions of dollars in funding from a controversial study overseen by the National Institutes of Health that aimed to assess the health effects of moderate alcohol consumption, according to a report by The New York Times. The 10-year, $ 100 million study had faced mounting criticism and was […]

Can you order alcohol during breakfast on a flight? Plane rules explained

Alcohol, on long-haul flights, is often given to passengers for free as part of the journey. One airline attempted to ban tomato juice onboard a flight only for public outrage to make them quickly reverse their decision. The free drinks are something many enjoy at a time where airlines are cutting perks to save money. […]

Airport news: Duty-free alcohol to be sealed in bags as drunken passenger arrests soar

Airports are bringing in a number of new regulations in a bid to stop passengers boarding flights inebriated. Drunken passenger arrests have soared in recent years, with over 400 disruptions reported by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) last year, with many are not reported. They have reportedly soared by 50 per cent with some airlines […]

“I don’t f—ing care”: In wooing $67M from big alcohol, NIH nixed critical study

Enlarge / Wine. (credit: Getty | FRANCOIS GUILLOT ) The National Institutes of Health is facing mounting criticism and questions amid a series of reports outlining what appears to be an all-too-cozy relationship with the alcohol industry. Central to the concerns are how the federal research agency schmoozed industry executives into donating tens of millions […]

Antiques Roadshow SLAMMED for promoting ‘anti-social’ alcohol amid demands to AXE episode

The alcoholic beverage is one of Scotland’s most popular drinks but has been tarnished in recent years since being linked to anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.  Antiques Roadshow were set to film an episode at Buckfast Abbey in Buckfastleigh in September.  However, the BBC has come under fire from Neil who has begged them to stop production […]