Intl airport & airbase near Yemen capital Sanaa targeted by massive airstrike – report

Sanaa International Airport and Al Delmi air base, located north of the Yemeni capital, have come under a heavy bombardment targeting the Houthi positions at the facilities, the Yemen national military website reported on Monday. The strikes were allegedly carried out by the Saudi-led coalition, the Houthis’ Al Misarah TV reported. The nine-member coalition of […]

Yemeni children protest Saudi-led aggression after school bus airstrike tragedy (VIDEO)

Dozens of children took to the streets of Yemen’s capital Sanaa to protest the deadly Saudi-led bombing campaign in the country. They carried pictures of the kids slain in an airstrike that hit a school bus earlier this week. The young protesters of various ages chanted anti-Saudi slogans and carried banners in both Arabic and […]

Suspected Israeli airstrike reportedly kills dozens of Iranian troops in Syria

Danny Makki via Twitter The Syrian army said on Sunday that rockets had struck several military bases in the Hama and Aleppo countryside in what it said was new “aggression” by its enemies. Israel has previously hit Iranian-backed militia outposts in Syria, mainly targeting arms convoys of the Lebanese Shi’ite group Hezbollah. The Syrian Observatory […]

Emmanuel Macron said he was the brains behind Trump’s airstrike on Syria — and convinced him to commit for the long term

Christophe Archambault (Associated Press) French President Emmanuel Macron claimed credit for key elements of US policy on Syria. He said the plan to limit recent airstrikes to chemical weapons facilities were his. He also told French TV that he persuaded Trump not to pull US troops out of Syria. Macron and Trump have made much […]

Saudi airstrike kills 12 members of same family in Yemen – reports

A Saudi-led coalition airstrike killed at least 12 civilians, including seven children, in the coastal city of Hodeidah on Monday, Reuters reports citing medics and witnesses. The 12 victims were all reported to be from the same family. People on the ground said the blast destroyed a house in the al-Hali district of the city. […]

US launches airstrike in Libya, kills Al-Qaeda chief

The US is back to bombing Libya, this time in an attempt to fight Al-Qaeda. The war-ravaged country has become a safe haven for terrorist groups after the NATO intervention brought down the Gaddafi government. The airstrike conducted on Saturday killed two terrorists, “including Musa Abu Dawud, a high ranking al-Qa’ida in the Lands of […]

US airstrike kills ‘2 terrorists’ in Libya

US forces have carried out an airstrike near the city of Ubari in southern Libya on Saturday, “killing two terrorists,” the US Africa Command said in a statement. The mission was carried out in coordination with the internationally recognized Government of National Accord, based in Tripoli, it added. “At this time, we assess no civilians […]

10 women killed in Saudi airstrike targeting wedding procession in Yemen – report

Published time: 17 Dec, 2017 13:54 The Saudi-led coalition has conducted an airstrike on a wedding procession in Yemen, killing at least 10 women, witnesses and health officials told AP. Riyadh has been much criticized for the conflict’s high civilian death toll. The incident took place on Sunday as the procession made its way to […]