6,000 meters under water: Beijing plans AI-driven deep-sea base in disputed South China Sea

Chinese President Xi Jinping has urged scientists to get working on a deep sea base for unmanned submarine exploration in the South China Sea – one of the world’s most disputed waterways. The plan was unveiled at the Chinese Academy of Sciences in Beijing this month, after President Xi visited a deep sea research institute […]

Medopad acquires U.S. rival Sherbit for AI-driven disease detection

Medopad, a U.K. health technology startup that leverages machine learning to connect patients with a range of health care professionals, has announced its expansion into the U.S. with its acquisition of San Francisco-based Sherbit. Founded out of London in 2011, Medopad offers technology to “bridge the gap between patients and medical teams,…Read More

Kai-Fu Lee talks AI-driven unemployment: ‘Who says we need jobs?’

GUEST: With more than 1.7 million followers on Twitter, Kai-Fu Lee knows how to attract attention. As head of Beijing’s Sinovation Ventures (and former head of Google China), Lee is an often outspoken and controversial champion of artificial intelligence. Among his headline-making predictions are that 50 percent of all jobs will be replaced by automation, that China […]

12 tips for designing and managing an AI-driven product

GUEST: Here’s a question that will keep future Artificial Intelligence (AI) entrepreneurs up at night: How do you manage a product when the software starts writing itself? We’re not quite there yet, but as we build smarter, more complex software that has elements driven by AI we’re also making less predictable software. We know that […]