Trump’s former top aide Hope Hicks is reportedly looking for a new job in New York

J. Scott Applewhite/AP Hope Hicks has reportedly been speaking to prospective employers in New York City. She resigned as White House communications director in February. Rumors had been swirling that she could return to the White House after her time off. Hope Hicks is reportedly looking for a new job in New York City, casting […]

Erdogan aide tells congressman Adam Schiff to ‘shut up’

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman has sharply rebuked Democrat Rep. Adam Schiff who bemoaned Turkey’s “descent into autocracy” after Erdogan’s presidential election win. “Erdogan ‘won’ reelection in Turkey this weekend only by decimating the opposition through arrests, violence and squashing freedom of the press. Turkey’s descent into autocracy is another reminder that democracy is […]

Ex-Trump aide Sam Nunberg reverses, says he’ll likely cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller

Screenshot Via YouTube Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg said he’ll likely cooperate with special counsel Robert Mueller. Nunberg previously refused to comply with Mueller’s subpoena which asked for his communications with other former officials. Nunberg railed against current and former White House officials in multiple TV interviews on Monday. WASHINGTON (AP) — A former […]

How to get away from Mueller: ‘Crazy’ Trump aide refuses subpoena on TV

Is he crazy, or crazy like a fox? One-time Trump aide Sam Nunberg went on every major network to declare that he would not comply with a subpoena by special counsel Robert Mueller, leaving Washington insiders confused. A grand jury subpoena demands Nunberg’s appearance on Friday this week, and seeks documents he has related to […]

Former Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg dropped some outrageous claims during an interview blitz on the Russia investigation

Former top Trump campaign aide Sam Nunberg said he will not be cooperating with special counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia investigation. Nunberg’s interviews on NBC and CNN on Monday went off the rails at times, as he grappled with a subpoena from Mueller and dished out harsh words for some of Trump’s top advisers. He also […]

A former top Trump campaign aide has reportedly agreed to plead guilty, testify against Paul Manafort

Mark Wilson/Getty Images Former Trump campaign top aide Rick Gates agreed to plead guilty to fraud-related charges in Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian election interference. Gates agreed to testify against former campaign chairman Paul Manafort. The pair were both indicted on fraud-related charges in October. A former top aide to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has […]

Trump aide K.T. McFarland withdraws her nomination for ambassador to Singapore

Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP K.T. McFarland asked for her nomination for the ambassadorship to Singapore to be withdrawn. McFarland was on Trump’s presidential transition team and was later appointed deputy national security adviser under Michael Flynn. “I have come to this decision reluctantly, because I believe in your mission,” McFarland wrote in a letter to President Donald […]

‘Worse than Afrin’: Erdogan’s aide threatens to ‘break legs’ of Greek ministers over disputed isles

Greek officials who set foot on contested islands in the Aegean Sea will face Turkey’s wrath that will be “worse than that in Afrin,” a Turkish presidential advisor has charged. Athens swiftly denounced his rant. “We will break the arms and legs of the [Greek] Prime Minister [Alexis Tsipras] or of any minister, who dares […]

After UN cuts funding, 11 countries put together aide package for Palestine

Thomson Reuters After the US said it would withhold $ 65 million in aide to Palestine, 11 countries came together to provide the funds. Seven countries – Switzerland, Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany and Russia – had already transferred early funds while four – Belgium, Kuwait, the Netherlands and Ireland – had pledged to do […]