Make Baseball Great Again … With Fewer Home Runs

Beyond the baggy knickers, one only needs to study grainy video footage of 19th-century pitchers for proof that baseball was once a completely different game. The exact date of baseball’s inception remains up for debate, but the sport’s purpose is agreed upon. Baseball was a gentleman’s game — a friendly playground pastime meant to spawn […]

Laurence Vincent-Lapointe, Katie Vincent strike gold again at Canoe Sprint World Cup

Canadian paddlers Laurence Vincent-Lapointe and Katie Vincent repeated their golden feat from last weekend with a win in the A final of the C2 women's 500 metres at the Canoe Sprint World Cup in Germany. A week after combining for gold at the season-opening World Cup event in Hungary, the Canadians posted a time of one minute […]

Germany’s data-driven FlixBus launches in the U.S. to make bus travel cool again

Almost five years after launching in Germany, FlixBus is about to make its biggest leap, strategically and geographically, by launching its data-driven bus service in the United States. The company announced today that it has begun serving a series of routes in the southwestern part of the country, operating out of Los Angeles for now. […]

The Real Reason You Feel Exhausted (And How to Be Energetic Again)

“I’m exhausted.” Do you say this all the time? Fatigue shows up in many ways including pure exhaustion, the inability to concentrate, anger, frustration and behavioral issues, memory problems, decreased work performance, and slower reaction times. Fatigue has also been linked to medical problems including obesity, hypertension, depression, diabetes, as well as increased automobile accidents. We […]

Pound to euro exchange rate: Sterling ‘SLIDES’ again after Bank of England rate hold news

The pound to euro exchange fell towards the European currency today, Monday 14 May. Pound sterling converted to €1.1332, according to figures accurate at 7:15am this morning. This is even less than ahead of the weekend, when the pound had dropped to €1.134. This followed a mid-week high for the sterling currency of €1.1424 last […]

Malicious Chrome extensions infect 100,000-plus users, again

Enlarge / One the left, a legitimate Chrome extension. On the right, one of seven recently discovered malicious Chrome extensions impersonating it. (credit: Radware) Criminals infected more than 100,000 computers with browser extensions that stole login credentials, surreptitiously mined cryptocurrencies, and engaged in click fraud. The malicious extensions were hosted in Google’s official Chrome Web […]

Watchdog viewers shocked by ‘disgusting’ cinema reveal: ’Never going again’

BBC series Watchdog is used to blowing the lid off various hidden scandals across the country and tonight was no exception. Using their team’s Swab Mob to uncover the truth about bacteria levels in the nation’s favourite pastime, presenter Nikki Fox met up with a professional to discuss the results. Nikki revealed the team had […]

You can buy NVIDIA GeForce GTX cards for not-insane prices again

Fortnite builders, Overwatch heroes and PUBG squads might soon play those games with extra clarity if they’ve been clamoring for a new NVIDIA graphics card. Low availability and high prices recently made the 10-series GeForce GTX GPUs hard to come by. However, the cards are back in stock on NVIDIA’s site and at retailers, with […]