Ultra-sensitive radio telescope debuts in South Africa

Another piece of the Square Kilometer Array’s puzzle just fell into place. South Africa has officially switched on MeerKAT, billed as the most sensitive radio telescope of its type on the planet. Some parts of the array have been gathering data, but it’s now nearly ready to use interferometry from all 64 dishes to map […]

Mini-grids could be a boon to poor people in Africa and Asia

A FORESTED village in Jharkhand state, eastern India, Narotoli is home mainly to adherents of Sarna, a nature-worshipping tribal religion. In more ways than one, it has long been off-grid. Drive past a police checkpoint a few miles away and you are in territory loyal to “the guys”, a euphemism for Maoist guerrillas. That makes […]

‘Homeless n*ggers, go back to Africa’: Tampa man sparks outrage with racist billboards (PHOTO)

A controversial black political activist has sparked outrage in Tampa, Florida by standing on a busy downtown street displaying a sign instructing “homeless n*ggers” to go “back to Africa”. The sign was spotted by a Tampa resident and posted on Twitter where it quickly racked up thousands of retweets and responses. But, it turns out […]

Cows for child brides: ‘War & climate change’ raise rates of child marriage in East Africa

A dramatic rise in child marriages in East Africa is due to conflict and climate change, charities working in the region say, with child brides being traded for cows and goats in order for families to survive. The majority of parents in poverty-stricken South Sudan are looking to reduce the number of mouths they have […]

Why Meghan Markle didn’t join Prince Harry in South Africa this weekend – where was she?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry have been married for just over a month, and are rarely spotted without each other. However, Prince Harry left his new bride at home over the weekend as he jetted off to South Africa on a charity visit very close to his heart. The new Duke of Sussex visited local children […]

England rugby beaten AGAIN as South Africa complete series victory with dominant win

After sacrificing a 21-point lead in the first Test, it was deja vu all over again for England as they blew a 12-0 lead without troubling the scorers again. The penalty count was again in double figures – there were 13 in total – and South Africa were comparatively ruthless and kept their composure to […]

A Fair-Trade Model With a Spicy Kick Rises in Landlocked Africa

One wintry lunch break in 2002, graphic designer Joe Roques and his then-business partner Richard Armstrong were enjoying much-needed ham and cheese toasties. “I’m sick of spending all my time building other people’s brands,” said Roques in between mouthfuls. They’d soon resolved to create their own edgy, irreverent brand but were hamstrung by their location […]

Is He the Most Connected Man in Africa?

When Cameroon-born Acha Leke graduated from Stanford with a Ph.D. in electrical engineering, he was faced with a choice: launch a startup or gain experience with a consulting internship. He chose the internship — a decision that, 20 years later, has seen him work with presidents and billionaires to effect real change throughout the African […]

Discover Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's love for Africa with these stunning retreats

PR Namibia offers some stunning retreats for a romantic holiday NAMIBIA “Kulala” means to sleep in Oshiwambo dialect, and with each of the 11 villas at Little Kulala Lodge boasting a rooftop bed there can be few better places to enjoy a romantic spot of stargazing under a cloudless African sky. But the spectacle is […]

The Army was surprisingly blunt about the conditions on its latest training mission to Africa

US Army “Bring a knife and some dip.” That’s the one message that a dozen soldiers with US Army Africa had a month into their train and advise mission with the Nigerian Armed Forces at an isolated base north of the country’s capital of Abuja.See the rest of the story at Business Insider NOW WATCH: […]