Advertisers are fleeing in droves after Tucker Carlson’s comments about immigrants on Fox News — check out the list

Rich Polk/Getty Images for Politicon Companies that ran advertisements during Tucker Carlson’s timeslot on Fox News have begun fleeing in droves, following the controversial comments he made about immigrants seeking shelter in the US. People were outraged and threatened boycotts after Carlson expressed concern with the US’s immigration policy. After Carlson’s comments were widely rebuked […]

Verizon/AOL helped advertisers track kids online, must now pay $5M fine

Enlarge (credit: Getty Images | Westend61) Verizon-owned AOL helped advertisers track children online in order to serve targeted ads, in violation of a federal children’s privacy law, and has agreed to pay a fine of $ 4.95 million, New York Attorney General Barbara Underwood announced today. “The Attorney General’s Office found that AOL conducted billions […]

Advertisers allege Facebook hid the fact that no one watches video ads

Enlarge According to a newly public filing in an ongoing lawsuit, a group of advertisers now says that Facebook has been willfully withholding information about how much time its users spend watching paid ads—if more people spend more time watching ads, then those ads can command higher rates. The case of LLE One LLC et […]

What advertisers need to know about blockchain now

GUEST: The advertising industry faces many challenges — from fraud and lack of transparency to antiquated payment models. But blockchain technology will soon solve these challenges, rewriting the future of adtech. There are already — and will definitely continue to be — multiple blockchains to serve the advertising industry. Diffe…Read More

Laura Ingraham is taking a ‘preplanned vacation’ as advertisers flee her show

Associated Press/J. Scott Applewhite and Rich Schultz Fox News opinion-show host Laura Ingraham announced Friday she will take a week off. The news comes amid ongoing fallout from her comments about a Parkland shooting survivor. Multiple companies yanked ads from her show after she insulted Parkland student David Hogg, who said he was rejected from […]

Laura Ingraham apologizes to Parkland shooting survivor after 3 advertisers pull commercials from her Fox News show — here’s how other companies are responding

AP Photo/Getty Images Parkland shooting survivor David Hogg organized a boycott campaign against companies that run ads on Laura Ingraham’s Fox News show after the host posted a tweet mocking Hogg. Wayfair is the latest company to publicly confirm that it will be pulling ads from the show. On Thursday, Ingraham apologized to Hogg on Twitter. Here’s how […]

Rejected by 4 colleges ‘and whines about it’: A Fox News host mocked a Parkland school shooting survivor — now he’s going after her advertisers

AP Photo/Getty Images Laura Ingraham, a Fox News opinion host, made what some have interpreted as a snide comment about David Hogg, a survivor of the Parkland school shooting. Ingraham tweeted a link to a news article about Hogg having received some college rejection letters. She tweeted the article’s headline, “David Hogg Rejected By Four […]

Facebook will limit data advertisers can use to target ads

Facebook is still determined to reassure jittery users in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica data sharing scandal, and that now includes restricting what advertisers can do. The social network is closing down a Partner Categories service that let third-party data providers offer their ad targeting directly through Facebook. Instead, they’ll have to rely either […]

CNN’s vigilantism sends advertisers running from InfoWars

Advertisers are quickly abandoning Alex Jones’ InfoWars channels on YouTube after they discovered their ads were displayed on the controversial channels, courtesy of CNN. CNN claims that big companies like Nike, Acer, Mozilla, Alibaba, Expedia, ClassPass, 20th Century Fox, and others have discovered they had ads playing on the Alex Jones Channel. Now, a number […]

Advertisers pull out of InfoWars’ YouTube channels

Brands are once again beating a hasty retreat after learning that they were running ads on objectionable YouTube channels. Several big brands (including Acer, Alibaba, Fox, Nike and Paramount) have suspended ads from InfoWars’ channels after CNN demonstrated that their commercials were streaming on the conspiracy-peddling network’s videos. The companies said they were not only […]